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Monday, December 12, 2022

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Smart Board

Many institutions adopted the use of smartboards to make the learning experience awesome. Despite improving collaboration, making file sharing easier, and accessing resources faster, the challenges that users experience include learning to play with the board which makes them figure out how to turn off the touch screen on smart board.

There are several ways to turn off the smartboard. The common ways are the use of the control panel, the use of smart board settings, and using the touch gate registry. Some users say it requires some skillset to implement but that's the case. The processes are a bit straightforward and not challenging.

For the first timers, it can be tough but that does not mean you can't turn it off. The guide will provide you with all the steps you need to follow when turning the smartboard touchscreen off. Keep reading.

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Smart Board

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Smart Board

There are different types of smartboards. Each of them has a different software version which comes with different learning software. Most of the teaching tools are free while others require a subscription. Some of the common tools that accompany the board include pen tools, shapes, lines, shapes, smart ink, e.t.c

To turn off your touch screen, one must understand the model and which buttons to use. Pressing the wrong buttons can result in the malfunction of the smartboard. For those struggling to know their models, it's easier, to look at the common features like resolutions, sensors, connectivity, etc.

The common SMARTBOARD versions include the G5 series which consists of SMART Board 8065i-G5,  SMART Board 8055i-G5, and SMART Board 8075i-G5. Other versions are SMART Board 800 series and SMART Room System.

Turn off Touch Screen on Smart Board Using Control Panel

It normally works on the smartboards that users purchased after 2009. Most of the old smartboards do not support the touchscreen feature.

  • Under the notification area, locate the SMART Meeting Pro feature and press it.
  • Open the Control Panel settings and choose SMART Hardware Settings.
  • From the settings, click on  Mouse and Gesture Settings.
  • To disable the touch effect, clear all the selections found on the Touch Recognition settings and clear them to turn the screen off.

Turn off Touch Screen on Smart Board Using Touchgate

To disable the touch screen using the touch gate, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the  smartboardservice.exe if your board uses Windows operating system.
  • Disable the executable file.
  • Locate the registry files by following the paths below HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWispTouch]
     and disable them.

How To Fix Touch Screen Issues on Smartboard

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Smart Board

There are many challenges smartboard users face when dealing with their touchscreens. You can solve most of the issues by following the common troubleshooting guides. Here are some of the common issues and how to fix them.

Touch screen not responding

You solve this issue by studying the light that is close to the view pen. The light displays different colors with each having a different meaning. If the color is solid amber you must contact your repair technician for more help. If it is red there is a USB connection issue. Check all the cable connections, you can change all the connections and the cables if the issue persists.

Blinking green colors shows that one of the USBs does not work. Fix it by connecting the cable afresh and restarting your board. The last color to guide you is pure green which shows everything is okay but website and driver issues affect the touch screen making it misbehave.

Blank touchscreen

When working with your smartboard, there are cases where you get a blank display on the touch screen. When you have a blank touchscreen press the home button on your board to open the Control panel. Confirm if any other devices connected to the board are in energy-saving mode. If that's the case, remove the savings mode.

Restart the device and remove any device that connects to the board like video cables and computers. Connect the inputs afresh and try accessing your board. After this, refresh the touchscreen to see if there are any changes. 

Reset the touchscreen

Many smartboard touchscreens misbehave due to several reasons like power outages, electrostatic issues, and other events. If you would like to reset the board, follow the steps below:

Remove all the power cables from the board and connect them again.

On the pen tray, look for the reset button and press it for two or three seconds. If you press more than three seconds, the smartboard will go into service mode bringing more screen issues. Getting out of service mode is not hard, you remove the power cables for a few minutes and connect them again and everything will be ok. 

When looking for the reset button, look for a narrow object that can get the button. The use of short and thin objects will interfere with resetting processes.

How To Turn On Touchscreen on Smartboard

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Smart Board

To turn on the smartboard touchscreen. Follow the steps below:

  • Access the Meeting Pro button under the notification settings. Click on the control panel and click the SMART Hardware Settings button.
  • Choose Hardware Info and Settings from the options.
  • You will get a pop-up of the touch board serial number. If you would like to know if your smartboard supports touchscreen, the serial number normally ends with F.
  • For more touchscreen settings, click on the Touch Recognition Settings button to access them. From here, you can change how to swipe the sliders, using the pen and other settings.

How To Fix Smartboard Touchscreen Not Working on Windows 10/11

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Smart Board

Many teachers use the VGA cable to connect their laptops to the smartboard. In some cases, one may experience difficulty when accessing the touch experience. Other instructors use the cable hub when connecting the two hubs. 

When Windows 10 released the Redstone update, it changed how users streamed data from one device to another. It affected most smartboards making users experience issues like difficulties in moving objects, difficulty in double-clicking, and not being able to do any single actions.

  • To fix the issues with Windows 10, one has to perform the following actions:
  • Ensure you use the latest smartboard driver options and use the latest Windows 10 that is beyond version 1607.
  • You can access all the drivers from and others from the Microsoft website.
  • Confirm your smartboard firmware. Each version or series has different firmware. You must be keen when looking at the firmware as they vary from each other.
  • Calibrate the touchscreen display by clicking on SMART Settings>SMART Hardware Settings. Select the type of display and navigate to the Advanced Settings and click on the Calibrate button. There are several onscreen instructions that will follow, follow them keenly and complete the process.


There are many changes in the smartboard industry, making it common amongst most learning institutions. Many teachers use them to speed up the learning process.

During the teaching process, teachers may be required to turn off the touch screen to avoid different circumstances that may occur. Turning off the touch screen is not as hard as many teachers think, it's straightforward.

If you run into issues with your smart board, our experts are ready to welcome you for professional repair services

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