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How to Turn on Google Chrome’s Dark Mode on Desktop and Mobile Devices

How to Turn on Google Chrome's Dark Mode on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Although some people prefer using the Google Chrome browser in its standard light mode, others prefer the dark way, especially if they have underlying eye problems or working late at night. The dark method, also known as chrome night mode or dark theme, minimizes illumination, reducing eye strain and prolonging the device's battery life. Fortunately, enabling dark mode is possible, depending on your preference or the time of the day.

In the past, Google Chrome did not have a dark mode. Users could only activate the dark theme using extensions. It might sound like a bargain, but if you are computer savvy, the experience could be manageable. After careful consideration, Google Chrome introduced dark mode when releasing Chrome Browser version 74. Although the dark mode can be enabled automatically without using extensions, the user must do it manually. Therefore, whether you are using a laptop or mobile device, it is crucial to know how to turn dark mode on or off your Chrome browser.

How to Turn on Google Chrome's Dark Mode on Desktop and Mobile Devices

How to Enable Dark Mode on PC

It is essential to understand that the Chrome browser automatically switches to dark mode if you select the dark theme on your computer. However, since the PC is not in an entirely dark way, expect to view some web pages or areas in standard light mode. This means that webpages will not adopt the dark theme. Would you like to set the dark theme default on your computer?

If you set the dark theme as the system default on your PC, the music will change how web pages appear on your chrome browser. Follow these steps to fix the dark theme as the system default:

  • Right-click on your computer's Windows Desktop. Since you want to personalize your PC, select ‘Personalize.'
  • You will be redirected to a new page with several options. Click on colors under ‘choose color,' like ‘Dark.'
  • After a few seconds, the Dark Theme will apply to your homepage, menu, settings, folders, and Google Chrome's toolbar. Since Dark Theme will not apply on websites, you must enable dark mode on the browser.

How to Turn on Google Chrome's Dark Mode on Desktop and Mobile Devices

How to Enable Dark Mode Manually on Google Chrome

There are numerous reasons why Google Chrome users prefer Dark Mode. Aesthetics, saving power, and convenience are just a few examples. To see web pages in Dark Mode, you must enable Dark Mode or Theme within the Chrome browser. Luckily, enabling Dark Mode within the Chrome browser is a straightforward process. It is possible to turn on Dark Mode on the chrome browser without allowing it on your entire computer or device.

Since Google Chrome introduced Dark Mode recently, the option is available as a hidden flag. What is a hidden flag? Banners refer to experimental opportunities presented by developers to help users understand how they work, their pros and cons, etc. Depending on how the users perceive the flag, the experimental option can be removed or changed to suit intended needs. Follow these steps to force dark mode on all websites:

  • Open Chrome browser and type ‘chrome://flags,' and then press enter.
  • You will be redirected to a new page with numerous flags. Since you want to enable Dark Mode, search ‘dark mode' in the search box. You will quickly narrow down the results to ‘Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents.'
  • To enable dark mode, click on the drop-down menu and select ‘Enabled.'
  • Finally, click ‘Relaunch' at the bottom to restart your browser. Alternatively, you can close the browser and re-open it for the changes to take effect. Remember to save any content or web pages to avoid losing crucial data. After relaunching your browser, all web pages will appear in dark mode.

After clicking the drop-down menu, you will realize that there are several dark mode options to choose from. You can choose either option because it all comes down to your preference.

How to Turn on Google Chrome's Dark Mode on Desktop and Mobile Devices

How to Enable Chrome's Dark Mode Manually on MacOS

To enable dark mode on MacOS, you must use MacOS Mojave or a later version. Firstly, you can enable Chrome's dark mode by changing the system theme. In MacOS, the system's composition is applied to browsers, applications, etc. To change the theme, open ‘System Preferences' by clicking on the icon in the toolbar or via the Apple menu or icon. (the Apple icon can be found on the top left corner of your device's screen).

Select ‘General' in the System Preferences window, and you will be redirected to the ‘Appearance' section. You have several options, including ‘Light,' ‘Dark,' and ‘Auto.' Click ‘Dark' to activate Dark Theme. It is crucial to note that if you select ‘Auto,' the computer switches themes and automatically adjusts to a mode depending on time and availability of light. However, you do not have to worry because the ‘Auto' option is only available on MacOS Catalina! Now that you have enabled Dark Mode, open Chrome browser, and it will appear in dark mode. Remember, other apps on your computer will appear darkly because you changed your MacOS theme.

Alternatively, you can use an extension to enable dark mode on your MacOS device. Dark Reader is one of the many free extensions you can add to your Chrome browser. To add Dark Reader to your browser:

  • Click on the three dots on the far right to open the Main Menu.
  • Click on ‘More Tools' and then select ‘Extensions.'
  • Type or enter ‘Dark Reader' in the search box, click enter, and install the extension.

After installing the extension, you can restart the browser and start browsing in dark mode. You can choose from numerous dark mode extensions (free and paid). So, if you opt to enable dark mode on your MacOS using an extension, it is a good idea to research.

The experts do not recommend browser extensions because they pose a security risk. As a rule, install a few extensions from reliable sources or avoid installing them altogether. Google Chrome Web Store offers numerous attachments, including Dark Mode plugins, for example, Dark Reader. Dark Reader is among the highly preferred Dark Mode extension because it automatically enables dark mode on all web pages. Also, users can adjust the brightness or disable it if need be. One of its drawbacks is that Chrome's Settings Menu is always in light mode unless you turn on the System Default Dark Theme. Other alternative extensions to Dark Reader include Dark Theme Tab and Lunar Reader. Check them out to determine which suits your needs.

Are you using an Android, tablet, or iPhone? Please don't worry because you can also enable dark mode on your browser. If you are using an iPhone, enabling dark mode allows you to use the Chrome app darkly. To activate dark mode on your iPhone, open the ‘Settings' app and scroll down to ‘Display and Brightness.' In the Appearance Menu, select ‘Dark' to activate Dark Theme. Your browser and other apps will transition to dark mode.

To enable dark mode on an Android, you can achieve this on the app. Open the Google Chrome browser and tap on the three (3) vertical dots in the top right corner. Tap on ‘Settings' and then ‘Theme' from the Settings Menu. If your device is already in Light Mode, click on Dark to activate Chrome's dark mode.

How to Turn on Google Chrome's Dark Mode on Desktop and Mobile Devices

What is the Difference Between Incognito and Dark Mode?

It might be confusing for some users to differentiate between Dark Mode and Incognito Mode because the two have a dark background. However, if you carefully check the upper right corner of the browser, it is easy to know whether you are in dark or incognito mode. Using the Incognito Mode, you will see an icon resembling a detective wearing a hat and glasses. If you can only see the Google Chrome icon, you use Google Chrome's Dark Mode feature. It is essential to note Incognito Mode does not save your browsing history and cookies. Therefore, remember to keep tabs on what you are browsing for future reference.

How to Turn on Google Chrome's Dark Mode on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Final Thoughts

Dark Mode in MacOS, iOS, Android, and Windows improves user experience by prolonging your battery's lifespan and allowing you to use your device without straining in low light environments. Fortunately, it is easy to enable Dark Mode by following a few simple steps regardless of your device. Nowadays, numerous websites offer their users Dark versions of their sites to attract traffic and improve the user experience, for example, YouTube. If you don't want to enable Dark Mode on your browser or device, you can browse specific web pages on Dark Mode. Unfortunately, not all web pages offer Dark versions of their sites to users. Research well and seek help from colleagues or friends if you have trouble enabling Dark Mode on your device or Chrome browser.

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