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Monday, September 18, 2023

Is it Cheaper to Repair a TV or Replace it

At some point in life, you must think about repairing or replacing your TV. This may be due to the common wear and tear in TVs or a breakdown. Whatever the case, the cost and extent of damage should determine whether you repair or purchase another TV.

There are several considerations before you choose to repair or replace a TV. First is the cost of repair. It's necessary to consider the difference in price of a new device against the cost of repairing damaged parts. Other considerations are the age of the TV, sentimental value, and availability of a TV repair expert.

Are you staring at your TV and wondering whether you should contact a technician or buy a new one? Before making a decision, think of which of the two choices is worth it. There are several pros and cons to consider and this article will help you make an informed decision. 

Is it Cheaper to Repair a TV or Replace it?

Is it Cheaper to Repair a TV or Replace it

Consider this; You bought your LCD TV for $1999 eight years ago. Suddenly, multiple vertical lines start appearing on the screen and a suggestion of $600 for repair is given. Considering the age of the TV, the repair price may seem a little extra. Because of this, replacement feels like a viable option. A new TV will come with better clarity and a warranty which is a cost-effective deal.

On the other hand, if, let's say, you own a one-year-old 65-inch QLED TV worth $3500, the best idea would be to repair it. First, it's likely that the warranty is still valid. The warrant stands as a cost-saver since it absorbs some expenses. Also, recent TV models have more experts tasked with performing the corrections. Repairing a newer TV makes more sense since there's an availability of resources to support the repairs. 

What Should I Know First?

Is it Cheaper to Repair a TV or Replace it

Before deciding on whether to repair or replace your TV, take note of the necessary information. Keep note of your TV model, check out the warranty, and also read the manufacturer's manual. If, for instance, you have issues with the picture and sound, observe for probable solutions in the manual.

Additionally, try troubleshooting. Issues like the TV not turning on can be resolved by turning the power button on and off. Also, changing the power cables and shifting to a different power source can resolve issues. Taking time to check for easy fixes on the internet is also a solution.

But keep in mind that TVs are sensitive. Any solution that involves diving deeper into the software and hardware should only be done by an expert. And for every expert you pick, remember to check their credentials. Having a certified technician will inform your decision of whether to replace or repair the TV.  

During solution-seeking, remember that economic feasibility is key. Everything boils down to money and how you can save most of it. If the price of repair is too high, then choose to replace the TV. But keep in mind the age of the device, the level of damage, and how much sentimental value the TV possesses.  

Factors to Consider When Deciding to Repair or Buy New TV

1. Age of TV

Is it Cheaper to Repair a TV or Replace it

Just like your phone, your TV is subject to obsolescence. With the advancement in technology a TV of over 8 years gradually becomes incompatible with devices in recent times. It's not strange for a TV that was working perfectly to reject a sound speaker or movie system. Constant changes in resolution from 4k-8k-16k affect display quality.

Therefore these signs of aging necessitates replacement. It's not worth it to repair a TV that's above 10 years of use or over 50,000 watch hours. But if your TV has minor issues and is about 3 years into use, consider repairs.  

2. Cost of Repairs

Is it Cheaper to Repair a TV or Replace it

It costs approximately $60 to $400 to repair minor issues in a TV.  In instances where a TV costs above $2500 and is fairly new, repairing the damages is a good consideration.

For instance, if you are experiencing sound with no pictures on a flat screen, replacing the bulb for between $60-$115 is feasible. Also, replacing your power supply board for $300 is less expensive than buying a new TV.

On the other hand, some TV repairs can be costly. For instance, a screen repair can cost $200-$1000. This can seem cheap compared to replacing the TV, but the screen being the most sensitive part of the TV, replacement can only serve as a temporary solution.

So, instead of spending on a project that may require future replacement, consider buying a new TV. It may be expensive at the moment but will spare you from repairing and replacing a TV over a short period.

3. Availability of Technician and Spare Parts

New developments require advanced technicalities. The availability of technicians and spare parts determines your decision to replace or repair that TV.

Here's how;

If the required skill set and parts are near you, you can consider repairs. But if the cost of transportation or the time it takes to get one is not favorable, the option is replacing the TV.

Having the required experts near you builds confidence in the repair process. It also ensures the longevity of service of the replaced parts and also easy follow-ups. Additionally, good technicians offer valid advice on whether it is worthwhile to do the repairs.  

4. Sentimental Value

Is it Cheaper to Repair a TV or Replace it

People hold on to things they deem sentimental. Trophies, birthday gifts, and even TVs are items you keep as a reflection of a special moment. The times that people spend watching the TV, the fight over the remote, and the special movies, are all moments associated with the TV.

So, even with the aging of the TV, or a breakage, choosing to repair it, rather than replace it may be informed by the need to hold on to the good old days.

Keep in mind that a television is one of the most used electronics in a home. It is also a place where great memories are made. There's no right or wrong reason for repairing or replacing a TV if sentimental value is attached.

5. Level of Damage

Extreme water damage in a television is hard to repair, and so is a TV panel repair. In some instances, a broken screen may not be repairable, and a power supply board can also be too technical for repair. In these instances consider replacement. It saves time and money to buy a new TV rather than go through the hassle of repairing a overly damaged one. 


Every reason why your TV can be repaired or replaced is valid. While repairing an old TV may not seem like a good idea, doing it for sentimental value is worthwhile. It's also recommended to buy a new TV if the screen is broken, but it's also okay to replace the screen if it makes financial sense. Whether to replace or repair a TV boils down to time, expertise and money. If you are stuck with a TV problem and not sure of the next step, contact an expert for advice. An expert who has dealt with diverse issues, may have a quicker and better solution for your TV issues. 

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