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Jensen Radio: How To Turn on Jensen Touch Screen Radio

Many car owners like buying and installing new car stereos and TVs. Jensen is one of the best car stereos owned by drivers. When they do the first installation, most of them experience some of the common issues like turning in the touch screen. It is not hard as many think as it also comes with a manual that provides more guidance to the user.

There are several ways on how to turn on the Jensen touchscreen. The common method is by the use of the buttons which you can easily access from the Settings section. It's straightforward and there is no need to worry about guidance or getting stuck. Some users normally want to turn on the touchscreen to increase accessibility when performing different duties.

Once you get it right on the first trial, the rest will always be easy. The guide will discuss several ways you can use to turn on the Jensen touchscreen. Keep reading.

Jensen Radio: How To Turn on Jensen Touch Screen Radio

Jensen Radio: How To Turn on Jensen Touch Screen Radio

There are different versions of Jensen car stereos with each having different specifications and steps for turning them on. Some of the common examples include Jensen CAR910W, Jensen MPR2121, Jensen CAR710X, Jensen CM901MIR, and Jensen CMR2720, among others.  

Jensen CAR910W is the most commonly used brand due to its android and Apple compatibility, touchscreen, and Bluetooth capability and it supports playback features. When purchasing one, the drivers look at the features before settling for one.

Those with issues turning on the Jensen Touch screen radio may also have not read the manual. On every purchase, you get a manual to guide you on how to do handles several settings with your stereo. Some manuals are hard giving them hard time getting the simple settings.

To Turn on Jensen Touch Screen Radio, Go to the HOME navigation of the car stereo. Click on Settings and toggle the button to turn on the screen.

How to Fix Jensen Touch Screen Not Working?

Jensen Radio: How To Turn on Jensen Touch Screen Radio

There are cases where Jensen's touchscreen stops working. There are different ways of filing that. Some of the causes of touchscreen issues include unresponsiveness, wiring issues, software issues, and physical damages like cracks. Some of the common ways of fixing this include:

Reboot the touchscreen

Some Jensens come with chips that help in the processing of information when performing different duties. Sometimes the data processing slows down affecting the touchscreen responsiveness.

To clear all this memory and make the machine work again you must restart the stereo. When it turns on the problem disappears and you continue listening to music.

Clean the Jensen TouchScreen

When dirt, dust, and other particles fall on the touchscreen, it affects the normal functioning of the screen. Perform the cleaning using a car vacuum cleaner under low pressure to remove all the dust particles.

Those who can't afford the cleaning can use a dry cloth to wipe the screen. You must be keen not to temper some parts of the screen and you also need to ensure that you cover the majority of the places during the cleaning process.

Reset the Jensen TouchScreen

When experiencing many issues, many changes can occur on your stereo and start behaving abnormally. Most touchscreen errors arise from configuration issues. Most resetting processes are fast and take a few minutes or even seconds.

To do a reset on your Jensen car stereo, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the reset button and press it while holding it for a few seconds. After pressing the button for that period, the reset process is complete and you can try to access your touchscreen to see if the issues persist.

Talk with the customer service

If you tried several; methods and still there are no improvements. The last option is to contact customer service and explain to them what you are experiencing. If in any case, you bought it recently, confirm the warrant and return it to the seller. Most of the Jensen customer service is active and they can help you fix that.

When buying the Jensen radio, it's good to buy from a known or licensed dealer. It saves you a lot of time in case you need a replacement or the are many issues with the product. When buying Jensen for the first time, put more effort into reading the reviews before making a decision.

Repairing the Jensen cracked touchscreen

Jensen Radio: How To Turn on Jensen Touch Screen Radio

To repair a cracked touchscreen. Follow the steps below:

  • Open all the screws on the car stereo and put them in one place. Now remove the component with a lot of attention to the cabling wires to ensure you don't mess them up.
  • Disassemble the remaining part of the car stereo by removing the screws and wires. Remove them carefully and you can mark some parts of the wires to understand how you will do cabling at the later stage.
  • Remove the touch screen using the screen panel components mainly at the bottom of the stereo. Ensure you understand the cabling and you don't cause more damage again.
  • Remove the cracked screen and be keen as there is an LCD below it. If you destroy the LCD, you will have to replace the whole stuff. Remove the LCD slowly and wash using distilled water and dry cloth and let it dry for some time.
  • Get the new screen, replace it, reconnect all the wires and ensure they are not loose. Add a screen protector to offer more protection to the screen by preventing dirt and dust. Reassemble the remaining parts and you will have a good touch screen free from issues.

How To Connect Phone Audio to Jenson Radio

Jensen Radio: How To Turn on Jensen Touch Screen Radio

The most common method of connecting the phone to Jenson radio is through the use of Bluetooth. Some versions of the stereo come with a default passcode for Bluetooth i.e VX4022ART uses 5199. To connect the Bluetooth to the

Jenson radio, we will follow the steps below:

Go to the Settings menu of Jenson Car Stereo, press the HOME menu and locate Bluetooth connection under the settings. Choose the Pairing option and let them pair. This will reflect on the phone as it will detect the Jenson radio settings.

Open your Phone settings and access Bluetooth settings and pair with the device. Click on the pair option and you are good to go. Listen to your favorite music and you will be good to go. 

If you face any issues connecting the phone to Jenson stereo radio. You can perform different troubleshooting actions to solve the issue. The first solution is to reset the phone's Bluetooth by clicking on Settings>Systems>Advanced>Reset options. For the stereo just perform a reset and you are good to try connecting the devices again.

For those using Jensen Ms2013bt models, the connection is a little bit different. Turn on the car stereo Bluetooth and give it some time to search for the respective devices. On the LCD, you will view the Audio button. Complete the process and enjoy your music.


Turning on the Jensen touchscreen is not hard as many users put it. All you need is to follow the steps and be keen on what you would like to achieve. Most Jenson car stereo sellers provide better customer service in case you try several options but there are changes to what you were expecting. If you need more help on your car radio, Geek Computer has the best stereo repair experts

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