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JVC Radio: How to Turn Off JVC Touch Screen Radio

Many JVC users struggle with how they can turn off the JVC touch screen when listening to their radio. There are different JVC radio versions and each has its own way of turning off the touch screen. Touch screens have given car owners more control and convenience when performing different radio functions like changing the volume, and stations

There are several ways you can use to turn off the touch screen. You will come across different manuals that one can use to turn on and off the touch screen on the JVC radio. The most common methods used to turn off the touch screen include the use of the on/off button under the control panel and using mobile applications. It all varies with the JVC model.

Many car users find the JVS touchscreen very useful but others find it disturbing. So many people ask if is it possible to turn it off. In this guide, I will look at different ways you can use to turn off the JVC touchscreen radio.

JVC Radio: How to Turn Off JVC Touch Screen Radio

JVC Radio: How to Turn Off JVC Touch Screen Radio

When you buy any JVC stereos, most of them come with manuals that provide details on how to handle most of the settings. Despite providing manuals, many users still struggle doing any required changes and settings. The modern JVC Stereo now supports both Android and iOs applications giving you more control over your stereo.

The same applies to other modern car stereos as I showed in my article about how to turn off the touch screen on the pioneer car stereos. It is incredible how technology has evolved. 

The commonly available versions include KW-AV61BT, KW-AV61, and KW-ADV65BT among others. The touchscreens are made differently and vary from each model. This makes each model have its own settings on how to turn off the touch screen.

Using the Control Panel

  • Click on the home screen and navigate to the settings.
  • Click on the source control and you will notice the on and off buttons.
  • Click the button to turn off the touch screen.

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How To Fix JVC Car Stereo Touch Screen Not Working

JVC Radio: How to Turn Off JVC Touch Screen Radio

Since the touch screen uses different advanced technology to perform different functions on your JVC stereo. Some of the main problems the touchscreen faces include unresponsiveness.

There are several issues that can lead to this. Some of the common issues include software errors, cracked touch screens, wiring issues, and poor cleaning methods.

Some of the common solutions for fixing the JVC touchscreen issues are as follows:

Cleaning the Stereo Well

Poor touchscreen cleaning can lead to many screen issues i.e being unresponsive and accumulation of dust that affects normal functioning. You can take a piece of cloth and buy cleaner from your shop and clean the touchscreen gently. After this, look for a dry cloth and wipe it to ensure it's clean.

Restarting the JVC Stereo

To restart the stereo, cut off the power supply by unplugging the power cable. Wait for five minutes and plug in the power source again. Try accessing your touchscreen to see if the issue persists. Restarting the stereo solves most of the problems.

Replacing a cracked touchscreen

JVC Radio: How to Turn Off JVC Touch Screen Radio

If your JVC touchscreen has any cracks, it affects the normal functioning of the screen. There are several steps you can follow to fix this. Some of the tools you will need to buy for this exercise include a cleaner, sticking tape, screwdrivers, screen paper, cloth, and panel remover.

The steps are as follows:

  • Remove all the screws and use the panel remover to do the panel separation. Remove the wiring cables carefully and get the stereo from the main car dashboard. Ensure before removing the stereo, you separate the wires. Note the cable arrangement as you will do rewiring at a later stage.
  • Remove all the screws from the JVC stereo to disassemble it and open the panel to remove all the locks. Most of the screws have an attachment to the stereo body. In some cases, you may need to apply some more force but not much.
  • Disconnect all the wires that go from the chassis to the screen panel. You can view all the wires and circuits connecting to the stereo by opening the chassis.
  • Locate all the wires that connect to the touchscreen and disconnect it from the motherboard. Be keen and ensure all the screws are unscrewed during this process.
  • Remove the cracked screen and if it's hard loosen it using an adhesive. Most of the JVC touchscreen gets attached to the car using either glue or a strong adhesive. It is advised to apply the adhesive first before 
  • After getting exposed to the LCD, clean it by removing all the dirt and dust. For proper cleaning use a fiber cloth and do it gently.
  • Install your new screen together with the protector and reassemble everything. When mounting the screen buy a high-quality adhesive to help you with screening. Ensure it's airtight to prevent any air from entering the screen. Buy a screen protector to keep away dust and dirt from entering the touch screen.
  • Reassemble everything from cables, wires, and screws. Reconnect them, close all the screws, and close other parts like the chassis. Test your new touchscreen to see if the issue still persists.

How to Reset Your JVC Car Stereo Touchscreen Easily

JVC Radio: How to Turn Off JVC Touch Screen Radio

If you face any challenges using your JVC car stereo, the best way to solve the issue is to perform a reset. The processes are quite simple and they don't need anyone to have any technical expertise. Many users usually visit their mechanics first even before performing a diagnosis to know what might be the problem with their stereo.

The most common methods of resetting the stereo are by the use of reset and select buttons. All the versions are easy to follow.

Using select buttons

On your stereo locate the select and the on buttons.

Press the two buttons simultaneously for around six minutes. This will make the chip under the radio remove all the changes you ever made to the stereo and get it back to default. When doing this you must be keen to avoid cases where pressing the buttons can end up damaging your stereo.

Using reset buttons

This step mainly works for those individuals who can't use the select buttons. On the stereo panel, locate the reset keys on the panel and look for different tools either from the shop or your repair friend who works in the garage, and remove the buttons very keenly. 

Some JVC stereos, come with repair tools and manuals to prevent their users from struggling when making any repairs. For those who may struggle to find the reset button, try locating the CD slot that's where you can find the button easily. 

Turn on your JVC car stereo and look for a sharp material like a PIN and push the button. Avoid pushing it very hard as it may end up breaking the button. Avoid using some strong tools like a spanner and knife. Once you complete pushing, the reset process is over.


Technology has changed many things in the car industry with the JVC Car Stereo touchscreen being one of them. It's normal to face challenges when you want to make any changes or settings to your touchscreen especially when it's for the first time. There are different versions of JVC and you must know your model before following the process of turning off the touchscreen.

When your car stereo has issues, you need to get expert stereo repair services from professionals like the ones at Geek Computer. 

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