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Should I Repair a 7 Year Old TV Heres How to Know

If you have an old TV, it's difficult to decide whether to repair it when issues arise. Dealing with attachment issues, especially for sentimental items, can be challenging. So before making the decision, understand the aspects that affect your choice. Issues like finding a good technician and the costs should inform your decision.

There are several factors that determine whether or not you should repair a 7-year-old TV. These include the extent of damage, sentimental value, cost of repair, recent technologies, and availability of technicians. 

There is no right or wrong answer when deciding to repair or discard your old TV. But there are aspects that explain if repairing is a sound decision. Read on to understand whether repairing a 7-year-old TV is worth the effort.

Should I Repair a 7 Year Old TV? Here's How to Know

Should I Repair a 7 Year Old TV Heres How to Know

Once your old TV stops working, the next probable step is to switch it on and off to see if it works. In extreme cases, you start researching spare parts and how much it costs to repair the TV. Unless you have been waiting to upgrade, few instances result in a rush to the store for a new TV. This is because familiarity with the TV offers more comfort. But besides the attachment issues, is it really worth it to repair a 7-year-old TV?

When dealing with an old TV, you have to factor in costs, labor, and availability of spare parts during repairs. Your aim should be to save as much money and time as possible during the process. If the benefits of repair outweigh the challenges, then fixing the damage is advised. But if transportation, labor costs, and damages are extreme, consider replacement.

Factors to Consider Before Repairing Your 7 Year Old TV

Should I Repair a 7 Year Old TV Heres How to Know

1. What's the Extent of Damage?

Before deciding whether to replace your 7-year-old TV, understand the extent of the damage. For an old TV, it's likely that the issue is the common wear and tear. To confirm damages, make sure that the cables, power outlets, and hardware components are in good shape.

Also, check for updates. Keep in mind that the software requires regular firmware updates to operate. Normally, most TV brands deliver updates but will stop after a number of years. The decision is informed by the emergence of newer brands requiring much attention.

So, if updating and troubleshooting do not work, contact a technician. A technician will have better advice on whether your 7-year-old TV is redeemable. Keep in mind that most smart TVs begin to fail at the 6-7 year mark. So, when dealing with smart TVs most damages are not worth repairing. In such instances, you may need to replace the TV.    

2. What Features Does the TV Have?

There is nothing as frustrating as watching an outdated TV. It's for this reason that the picture quality, sound effects, and speed of your TV matter when deciding whether to repair that old TV.

For instance, if your old TV operates on the 720p or 1080p Full HD, then it is not worth the repairs. This is because the picture quality is standard to the model and repairs will still not deliver brilliant pictures. For such instances, consider purchasing a newer model with a 4K resolution. A recent resolution ensures better contrasts, sharper images, and amazing color reproduction.

In addition, check the quality of the sound. Is the sound well-balanced and loud enough for you? You may think that purchasing external sound systems is a good solution, but is it really worth it?

Remember that recent TVs have better sound quality. Some even come with AI technology that measures and controls the sound output. So instead of spending on new sound devices for an old TV, consider a recent TV model. A new TV saves time and delivers better sound experiences.

Also, check out for the speeds. How long does it take to turn on the TV? Do the picture and sound align? Are you suddenly experiencing a sound with no picture issue or a picture with no sound?

Well, it's still possible to get solutions for speed issues. Some feature updates resolve speed problems. But often, speed issues recur after a while. Expecting a long-term speed solution from a repaired 7-year-old TV is an unrealistic goal. Instead, purchase a newer TV model for advanced speeds.

3. Can I Enjoy the Latest Technologies on My 7-Year-Old TV?

Should I Repair a 7 Year Old TV Heres How to Know

Most home devices now have smart features controlled from a single source. Thanks to AI, your lights, door, and TV can now be controlled remotely. But does your 7-year-old TV possess these features?

When deciding whether to repair your 7-year-old TV, consider the latest technologies. Think of voice assistants and sensors that could improve your viewing experience. Think of features like AI sensors that can detect audio levels and regulate sound. Aspects like the voice assistant that make it easy to search for programs on the TV. Also, having a TV that can act as a second screen to your computer is a realistic expectation. So is the possibility of streaming home movies to the TV using Airplay.

The truth is that a 7-year-old TV may not have the latest technologies. And if you want to enjoy these features, buying a recent TV model is advisable.

4. How Much Will the Repair Cost?

It always comes down to the cost. At the end of the day, repairing a 7-year-old TV or replacing it requires money. Your initial knowledge about costs can come from normal searches. You can identify problems and search the internet for solutions.

For instance, a screen repair can cost between $200-$1000. It seems like a fair cost but if your old TV cost around $1500, it's not practical. Keeping in mind that some screen repairs don't work, or work short-term, the best choice would be replacing the TV.

Additionally, complex repairs like control board replacement are not feasible. The cost of the board compared to the value of an old TV does not align. A better option will be getting a newer brand with recent features.

But remember that some repairs like cable replacement, bulb change, or HDMI port are worth the cost. It makes perfect sense to repair cheap parts. 

5. Can I Get the Right Technician for the Job?

Should I Repair a 7 Year Old TV Heres How to Know

TVs are sensitive. Most of the issues that seem like easy fixes need experts to resolve. For instance, if you have control board issues, it's not advisable to buy parts and try replacing them yourself. The best option is looking for a professional to handle the task. The reason is that an error during repair could cause more damage than what already exists.

But remember that you are dealing with a 7-year-old TV. Probably, the brand may be faced with the emergence of the latest technologies. While it may be easier to get technicians for an OLED, you may struggle a bit to get one for a plasma TV.

As you seek a technician for your old TV, have an open mind. Research with the thought that professionals might not be near you and so transportation should be factored in.

In addition, it may cost you more to get and have an experienced technician repair your old television. Keeping in mind that the TVs' warranty is not valid, the out-of-pocket payment can be expensive. In such cases, a replacement can be better than a repair.

6. What Sentimental Value does the TV hold?

Sentimental value is emotional. It reminds us of happy moments in life.

So, what sentimental value does your old TV possess? Was it the first TV you owned? Were there special shows you watched with a loved one? Does the TV remind you of a moment you want to hold close to your memories?

Holding on to a television with sentimental value regulates negative emotions. And if your 7-year-old TV is this important to you, consider repairing it. It's amazing to hold on to the thoughts of change and continuity through your TV. It shows an action of love not attached to the monetary value of the television. 


Technology is always evolving. A television that was trending 7 years ago may not be a big deal now. For this reason, every decision you make on whether or not to repair the TV should be informed. Keep in mind the costs, technology, and extent of damage. Don't forget to confirm the availability of a technician. And if you are stuck in your decision-making process, talk to a TV repair expert. It's important to get professional advice on whether or not your 7 year old TV is worth the repair.  

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