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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Tablet Repair: How To Fix A Tablet That Won't Turn On

Aspiring to fix your tablet that did not turn on or hire someone? Before starting, it is good to understand fundamental issues in tablet repair. Knowing that will help you be in a position to understand the fundamentals of repair and maintenance.

There are various ways of solving issues of devices failing to turn on, which tablet repair and maintenance users should understand. For organizations to remain up to date, you should ensure all the devices are functioning well for smooth running. 

It would be best if you generated ideas before embarking on the process. The essential requirements are excellent communication skills, professionalism, and the ability to adapt to changing technologies in the repair and maintenance industry. The purposes are elementary and specific. Why is my tablet not turning on?

Tablet Repair: How To Fix A Tablet That Won't Turn On

Tablet Repair: How To Fix A Tablet That Won't Turn On

To fix a tablet that is not turning on, you should first identify where the problem is before embarking on solving the issue. tablet repair becomes very easy and accurate after identifying the leading cause of the problem.

It is an essential requirement for every tablet user to acquire the necessary skills for device repair and maintenance for the smooth running of an organization. The level of professionalism you have will help you save money on tablet repair.

In this article, you will get to understand some basics about tablet repair, which will help you in the daily handling of your device.

A tablet not turning on can happen for many reasons, and it can cause a lot of disturbance to the company or the individual using the tablet. Once identified, the problem can be solved quickly, bringing relief and normal functioning to an organization. Here are the causes of a tablet not turning on:

Having a software malfunction: installation of apps may cause a system failure. The software may contain a virus, damaging your tablet's boot sector. Many software bugs cause the system not to turn on.

Low system battery: any electronic device should have battery power to function. The system cannot turn on if the system battery is low.

Liquids/water or hardware damage: at times, you might have dropped your device on a hard surface or in water, and this causes the system not to turn on.

Tablet Repair: How To Fix A Tablet That Won't Turn On

Malfunction of display: due to the screen issue, a tablet may not display data even though it has been turned on. The malfunction might have been caused by software or hardware failure.

The overheating issue: always cool down your device after charging its battery before use. If you keep using your device while charging or do not let your tablet stay free for some time, it will fail due to excessive heat.

Defective applications: You can easily damage your tablet when downloading an app from a site other than the Google store. If the application fails, it will also damage your device to the point of not turning on.

Many apps contain malicious codes and viruses that can damage your device and cause it not to turn on. To avoid viruses and malicious codes, ensure you have installed antivirus software on your device to detect any suspicious software.

How Do You Fix Your Tablet That Didn't Turn On?

Tablet Repair: How To Fix A Tablet That Won't Turn On

Fixing the issues on the device not turning on is not a significant issue, so do not worry. In this article, you will have a straightforward solution to the system not turning on the issue. Here are the possible ways of solving the issue:

Replacing your screen

The screen is essential to every electronic device as it displays information. If your screen is not working, no outputs will be displayed, and the whole system will not function. The other parts may be powered on, but you will probably not see anything that can be your screen's fault.

Before you replace your screen, check if it is powered on but is not responding by doing an observation on:

  • The system light is on.
  • The system fan is functioning
  • You can get calls, and the tablet is ringing
Ensure charging your device

Charge your device to turn it on to ensure it has enough battery to run. So charge it first if you notice it is not turning on before you use it again. It will automatically shut down when it exceeds 1% and cannot turn on unless you charge it.

Check all your charging connectors and accessories if adequately connected and turned on before plugging your charger into the socket. Leave it for a few minutes before turning it on.

Troubleshoot using your PC

If your device is not turning on, try troubleshooting using your PC. Connect the tablet to your PC to force it on. Follow these instructions to power on your device:

Using a USB cable, connect your tablet to your computer.
Leave your tablet to charge for some time.
Unplug the tablet cable only, and don't disconnect the cable from your PC. Then plug your tablet again after some minutes.
Leave your device to charge for at least 30 minutes.
Press the power button for 10 to 15 seconds
If it does not show the restart option instantly, continue pressing for 30 seconds.

Enable safe mode

If you had installed apps from an unauthorized app store before the problem began, the apps might have malware leading to your tablet not turning on. Safe mode will help you make the apps inoperative and aid you in diagnosing problems with your tablet.

Safe mode also fixes errors and improves performance by limiting unnecessary systems from running in the background. For you to enable safe mode in your tablet, first, you need to power off by:

  • Long pressing on the power button
  • Tapping the power off to switch it off

When you want to disable Safe Mode, you follow the following steps:

  • Pressing and holding the power button
  • Tapping on the restart to disable safe mode
Reset your tablet from Recovery mode

Recovery mode will delete all data if some bugs or malware are causing trouble. After the recovery, your tablet will have been restored to the point where the tablet was functioning.

Perform a power cycle

You can carry out a power cycle if your tablet is not turning on because it is frozen in power-off mode. In this mode, your screen will not be responsible. If your battery is removable, you can remove it and blow the air into the battery holder.

The old battery might be having problems, and removing it and replacing it with a new battery will solve the problem. When you turn it on, it will boot up if that is the problem. If you have a non-removable battery, don't worry because there is another option of pressing and holding the power button for more than 60 seconds.

Consider visiting your manufacturer's service center

If you performed all the other options and it did not work, never worry; you take your tablet to your manufacturer's service center. Be sure they will assist you in fully diagnosing your device on the hardware and software and do tablet repair accordingly.

If the problem is the manufacturer's, they will replace it with another device without a fee if your device is still under warranty. If the warranty of your tablet has expired, they will charge you depending on the identified issue.

Tablet Repair: How To Fix A Tablet That Won't Turn On


Tablet repair is a crucial requirement for every tablet user, for the failure of the tablet can come at any given time. To solve the issue, you should be competent enough to avoid worsening the issue.

To go through the process of tablet repair, consider reading this article, and you will get all you need in the process of your repair. It will guide you through obtaining the goals in the long run. Also, you will get the professionalism and quality you need in your repair.

This article is essential for every tablet user to run their daily operations smoothly. Be sure to get the best tablet repair services by contacting us.

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