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The Ultimate Guide for Printing Out a Text Message Conversation

The Ultimate Guide for Printing Out a Text Message Conversation

There are some messages you would want to keep. It could be because you need to produce them in court or because they are vital; hence you need them for good memories. For example, keeping messages on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad is unsafe since they can be deleted, you may lose your phone, or your phone may be attacked by a virus hence losing the message. Besides, you can only use your phone for a while.

The only way to ensure your text messages are available for future reference is by printing them. The good thing is that printing out your text message is simple. When you publish the news, you want every detail to feature. The statement should show when it was received and sent. It should show the sender, dates, time, and emojis or images. Using the proper printing method is, therefore, essential. This article highlights ways through which you can print out your text message.

The iPhone message app can't print the messages by itself, but there are three ways to print your text messages.
Method 1: Through a tool egg touchCopy, Droid Transfer, Mobile Transfer
Method 2: Through an email
Method 3: Through screenshots

The Ultimate Guide for Printing Out a Text Message Conversation

Method 1: Printing Text Messages Using TouchCopy

If you have messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and want to keep them for the record, you can do that using TouchCopy. TouchCopy can also save and print MMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp messages.

How to Print iPhone Text Messages Using TouchCopy

• You must download TouchCopy and install it on your computer.
• Connect your iPhone to your computer
• Go to messages and check the message you want to print.
• Then, press print.

If you are not interested in the whole conversation, you can set the dates you want the message captured and print it. And the good thing with this app is that there is a free trial option, so you can try it and see whether it works well for you. This app is reliable and will produce your text messages as they look in your message.

The Ultimate Guide for Printing Out a Text Message Conversation

How to Print Text Messages Using Droid Transfer

If your phone is Android, Droid Transfer will help you print your text messages and produce them in court or for personal use. This app will analyze all the text messages or MMS you want to publish and transfer them to your PC for printing. Besides, you don't have to worry about the order in which your messages were delivered since this app can print them in the order they were sent or you want. Other than printing your text messages, you can also transfer or back up data using this software.

Accessing the text messages you want is easy, so you won't have to go through all the text messages or files to get what you want. Droid transfer is designed to scan and transfer data in the correct order. It has nine different sections, videos, photos, messages, music, call logs, calendar entries, and so on, so finding what you want will be easy. You can use a free droid transfer option before trying the paid options. However, it has limited options; you can only transfer and print five messages and 50 media files.

The Ultimate Guide for Printing Out a Text Message Conversation

How to Print Text Messages Using Droid Transfer

• First, you must download and install the software on your PC.
• Then download a free Transfer Companion App into your android phone.
• Using the droid transfer companion, scan the droid transfer QR code to link your PC and phone.
• Go to the messages section and click it to see the messages you want to print.
• Click the print option.

Make sure you have selected the right messages you want to print; you can sort them by dates. Through this app, you will have the contact and the sender's name, and the message will feature all the emojis and images in the text message if any.

The Ultimate Guide for Printing Out a Text Message Conversation

Pros of Droid Transfer

• It's easy to use. One of the reasons to use this software is because of ease of use. You don't need training to use this app. All you need is to search for it in your play store and install it, then follow the simple steps. You can google search instructions.
• It's fast; the process is straightforward and quick and will be completed quickly.
• It supports several files and data; besides printing a text message, you can also print several other files and data.

Using Mobile Transfer

A mobile transfer is compatible with all windows, iOS, Android, and mac-based systems. It can transfer messages, Images, emojis, videos, chat history, etc. It also supports social media apps like webChat, Viber, WhatsApp business, Line, Kik, etc.

How to Use

• Download mobile transfer software on your computer, install it, and ensure it works.
• On the view icon, click Backup to backup and restore your data
• Connect your iPhone to your MacBook
• Wait for all the supported files to be downloaded
• On the iMessage, click to display your messages
• Tap the start button to back up all your text messages.
• The messages will be available on your PC, open the text messages and choose the ones you want to be printed.

Method 2: Printing Text Messages Through Email

You need to copy your text messages and paste them into your email as emails. You have to copy one text message at a time. This will not cost you a penny, but you must be patient and be ready to spend much time depending on the number of text messages you want to copy to your email. However, this message could not be helpful when dates and times of sending and receiving the message are needed.

The Ultimate Guide for Printing Out a Text Message Conversation

How to Transfer and Print a Text Message

• Go straight to the messaging app and open it.
• Press the text message for a long until you see the copy, paste, forward options, and select copy
• On your iPhone, locate the email app, open it, go to the messaging body, long press until the paste option appears, and click it.
• Log into your email using your computer.
• Get the drafted text and print it.

The Ultimate Guide for Printing Out a Text Message Conversation

Method 3: Printing Messages Through Screenshots

You can take screenshots of everything on your phone, including text messages. Choose the texts you want to print and take a screenshot. You should take a screenshot of all the text messages you want and ensure you take them in the order you want or how they are supposed to be. You can't take screenshots of all the text messages you want simultaneously.

You have to do it step by step. Once you take a screenshot, it's saved to your gallery. However, these screenshots must be accessed through the computer to be printed. You can share these screenshots to your email to get them once you open them on your computer.

Why Do You Need to Print Your Text Messages?

Printed messages can be used for several reasons. One of the reasons you need printed statements is if you need to produce text message evidence in court. This is the best way to ensure you can have your messages when required. Even though you can save and back up your text messages on your phone, you may need to free some space from your phone. When you delete such statements, it's better to print them to ensure you won't lose them.

Printing your text message will also save you in case the message is lost. These days' different communication apps have a disappearing text message option where the letters can disappear from the conversation within the set time. For example, when printing a text message in court, you must use a method that will show the sender, contacts, dates, and time the message was sent.

You can also print a business text message. Business data should be protected and saved for future use. Printing and filing business text messages are the best way to keep them. This message will be available to use in the business when required. In addition, important business text message files become easy to retrieve whenever needed.

There are also exciting messages that no one wants to lose. These, too, should be printed to remind the receiver of important announcements or occasions in their lives. They can elites one's mood or make someone remember something they never wanted to forget. So even if a phone gets lost or you format the phone, you can be sure you have your text messages secured.

The Ultimate Guide for Printing Out a Text Message Conversation


Getting text messages printed is easy, and there are different ways to do that. One of the best ways to print these messages with all the information is through apps. Since several apps have a free trial, users can try them before paying. Apps also offer a secure way of storing data on your hard disk. Printing messages is another easy and safe way to keep your important data and protect it from loss through cybercrimes or other methods.

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