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Tracking a Wi-Fi Password on Your Windows PC or Android Phone

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Tracking a Wi-Fi Password on Your Windows PC or Android Phone

We need to have internet access to our devices, mostly smartphones and computers, to enjoy using them fully. This enables you to browse freely and interact with your friends on social media worldwide. One of the best ways to access the internet is to have a WI-FI connection. It is the most reliable internet connection that many internet users worldwide use. However, this does not mean that it doesn't face some drawbacks. There are many security challenges that the WI-FI Internet face in its operation.

These challenges include user account hacking when someone gets access to your user login details, such as passwords. This causes the destruction or stealing of confidential information stored on the internet server. For this reason, everyone using WI-FI will always prioritize security when accessing the internet.

This ensures high safety, which makes them go for a stronger WI-FI password to help them with their router. Because of the need for strong passwords to effectively protect user data, most companies design routers with complex passwords for use. The default passwords are, therefore, not always easy to identify when you want to hack.

In this write-up, I will take you through the simple steps that you can take to prevent yourself from looking at your router's bottom casing while shouting letters. I'll offer you a short and easy way of getting your Wi-Fi Password on your PC without the hassle that you are always going through.


How to Find WIFI Password On Laptop or PC

Tracking a Wi-Fi Password on Your Windows PC or Android Phone

For Personal computers or laptops using the windows operating system, here are the steps to identify their passwords more easily. The steps are simple and easy to follow, so you can take the shortest time to learn the trick.


Step one: Open Start Menu and Search Network Status.

Using your mouse or touchpad, right-click on your Start Menu at the left bottom of your computer to open the menu. In the Menu, search for network status. You can also find it when you right-click the WIFI symbol at the right corner of the screen. In the network status, open the internet setting option.


Step two: Click the change Adapter option

When you are at the internet setting option, click on the Change Adapter options on the screen. This paves the way to a new window that will pop up showing a WIFI connection. Feel free to go back to the previous step if you're not in this step already.


Step three: Double Click on the WIFI option

Double-click the WIFI option in the new window and then move to wireless properties.

This will show you two options, including security and connection. Click on the security option to move to the characters box. This will open to you the WIFI password of the WIFI network you currently use on your laptop or computer.

Remember, this is the password of the router you are using to connect to the internet via a WIFI connection. If the password is changed again, your internet will not be able to connect. This means that you will have to shift to the new password to have internet access. You can also use this method to see the password you are using on a modem.

The method applies to laptops and pcs operating on all versions of windows operating system from windows 8, 9, 10, and 11.

On the other hand, you can also use an alternative command prompt method to track your password on the windows operating system. In this case, you will follow the steps below.


Step one: Open the start menu on your screen and type the command prompt.

Tracking a Wi-Fi Password on Your Windows PC or Android Phone

When you type on the command prompt and search, a black window will pop on the screen displaying the command prompt features.


Step two: Run the command below; netsh WLAN shows the profile

On the command prompt in your screen, type the command prompt query and press enter option to run it. This will show all the saved networks in the form of a list


Step three: Select the network you want to see its password.

From the list of passwords displayed, choose the WIFI network you want to know its password and run. When running, type the following command: netsh WLAN show profile * key =clear. In the * part, input the selected network choice in your list.

This will make you see the password you are using both for your router and modem you are currently using. It is a very simple step that doesn't need any additional steps.


How to Track WIFI password on Mac Operating system PCs and Laptops

Tracking a Wi-Fi Password on Your Windows PC or Android Phone

Just like in the case of windows operated computers, you can find WIFI Passwords on your laptops or personal computers using the Mac Operating system. The operating system comes with an application called Keychain access.

In this application, there is a record of all the passwords available on the phone, especially for networks you have previously been using. This makes it simple to track the passwords anywhere, anytime you need them.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to find the password on your MacOS using the Keychain application.


Step one: Open the Keychain Application

On your device, click on the keychain application to open, then move to passwords. It is one of the options you will find when you open the app.


Step two: enter the name of the network

In the search bar, you will have to type the name of the network you want to identify its password. When you are done, double-click on the network name.


Step three: check on a pop-up window

When you are done entering the name of the network, you will see a pop-up window displaying the details of the network. You must click on the show option to show the password you need. For the system to finally show the password, you will be asked to key in your administration credentials.

Therefore, you will have to input your authentication details for the passwords to see them. This will allow you to see the password for the network you are using. This procedure also applies to people who are using the Mac Operating system on phones or desktops.


How to track WIFI password on your Android phone

Just like in the case of laptops and computers, it is also possible to find your WIFI password on the android phone. This, however, applies to people using smartphones that can access WIFI internet using the android operating system. In addition, it is easier to identify the passwords if you use android versions ten and above. In that case, you will have to follow the steps below;


Step one: Tap on setting the app to open.

The first step is to open the setting application on your screen and move to the WIFI and internet option. This is an easy step that you can follow easily. If you dont find the setting option, you need to click on the search bar and search the word “settings,” this should pop up instantly.


Step two: Click on the lock icon or gear.

In the WIFI network and security option, tap on the lock icon located next to your saved or connected networks part. This will help you see the network you need to identify its password.


Step three: Tap on share password

When you tap on the shared password on the screen, it will require you to unlock it. This is especially when your phone is password protected. For instance, if you have protected your phone using a pin or password, you will have to enter the password or pin. You can also use your fingerprint too if that is the authentication method you are using.


Step four: QR code

Tracking a Wi-Fi Password on Your Windows PC or Android Phone

When you finish unlocking the screen, a QR code will pop on the screen with the WIFI password written below it. This provides you with two options for sharing your password, including sharing it through t6he writing or scanning the code.

That is quite easy for people with android 11 as scanning the QR code will take a few seconds. It is also the cheapest, simple, and most effective way to share WIFI passwords today.



The above are the simple steps that you can use to identify the WIFI passwords on your computer and other devices. The procedure is easy and doesn't involve any hassle. The same steps will work with windows, macs, laptops, and PCs. For Android, it is also possible to identify the passwords using QR codes, as mentioned in step 4 of this article.

When dealing with the WIFI password identification steps using the phone, you should be careful so as not to make any mistakes. You should start with simple steps first before proceeding to more complicated ones. This is because it will help you understand each step clearly and ensure that you don't make mistakes at any point in time. Once you get used to the process, tracking your passwords will be simple, effective, and fast.

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