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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

TV Repair 101: Which Factors Affect TV Repair's Longevity

We require TV repair services in our homes more regularly than all other electronic repairs; we need to ensure that the repairs will be safe and last us long. This article is a guide on making sure you get TV repair services that will be quality and long-lasting.

There are various factors you should consider for a TV repair's longevity.

  1. Check the technical background of your repair company
  2. Ensure quality of the TV repair materials
  3. Proper diagnosing of your TV issue
  4. Adequate maintenance of your TV set
  5. Check the condition of your TV

Keep on reading for more details.

In addition to knowing factors for a TV repair longevity, you must know how to maintain your TV set and increase its lifespan. Let us help you take care of your TV with the best tips.

TV Repair 101: Which Factors Affect TV Repair's Longevity

Are you facing issues with your TV set? A lot of problems that you have no idea where to start from or how? No budget for a new TV set? Then you need a TV Repair! But hold on, how do you make sure the TV Repair lasts? You are paying money for it, so it's only suitable to ensure that it won't be a waste of money and precious time. We have written this excellent piece of an article to make you stay informed on factors that affect TV repairs longevity.

TV Repair 101: Which Factors Affect TV Repair's Longevity

Check the technical background.
Ensure you have checked for the technical background of the TV Repair company, like the experience they have in doing the repairs, the kind of models they have handled or can handle. At the same time, you can ask them about their past works to ensure they are the right people to work with. 

Technicians who have not much experience or are not certified may ruin your TV more than making the Repair last. In addition, ask for the price they charge for their services. They say cheap is expensive and I can't deny that the cost of the TV Repair should match that of the service rendered. If you find them expensive, you can always negotiate but remember quality services don't come about cheaply.

Check your TV condition.
How long have you used your TV? How many times have you had repairs done? Are they the same repairs or different repairs? How long do those repairs last? Sometimes, if your TV is old, repairs may not last long, and you may find yourself doing repairs more often. If that's the case, it could be time to replace it and get a modern set. 

Quality repair materials
Ensure the materials used for the TV repair are genuine and of high quality, be it cables, fuses, connectors, etc. These will ensure your Repair lasts long and serves you well, and the only way out for this is to work with a trusted TV repair partner like us. 

Proper diagonalizing of the TV issue
Most people mess up here! A technician will only fix what you tell him is the issue: we go by your word. If you give us the wrong symptoms for your TV, we will repair it. Would we have fixed the problem? Will it last long before the problem occurs again? For a long-lasting TV repair solution, give technicians the right symptoms.

Maintain your TV set
Take care of your TV; many factors can shorten the lifespan of a TV, leave alone TV repair. Ensure you maintain the set nicely, keep it off from dust, regularly switch it off, check on contrast and brightness, etc. We don't want to repair your TV; you neglect it and fail to maintain it, then call us incompetent. Partly, the longevity of TV repair depends on how you maintain your TV set. 

How do you maintain your TV set?

Maintaining your TV will save you up on repairs, having to get a new one, and prolong its longevity. Geek computer has several tips you can consider for your TV maintenance.

TV Repair 101: Which Factors Affect TV Repair's Longevity

Turn off your TV often.
TV has its lifecycle; if you are not watching or leaving the house, make sure you have turned it off. Turning it off increases its lifespan; hence you won't need a repair anytime soon. 

Use contrast appropriately
High contrast levels can decrease the lifespan of your TV set. We advise you to vary the contrast level regularly. 

Clean your TV regularly
Get a good quality cloth for purposely cleaning your TV; the dust particles can accumulate on your screen and affect visibility. We don't recommend you to use water for cleaning; get anti-static electricity cleansers instead. They are safe and affordable too.

Dust particles can also get inside the TV set, which will be so terrible as it can cause your TV to respond slowly. You can get rid of the dust inside the set via electronic vacuum pumps meant for household electric stuff. 

Optimal brightness
Too much light can damage your eyes, not to mention its harm to your TV. We advise you to keep the brightness at optimal levels always. 

Keep sharp objects away.
Sharp objects can cause much damage to your screen, leading to a permanent loss of your TV set. For instance, a child might hit the screen, and you can accidentally hit the sharp object piercing the TV, too, don't let that happen when you can prevent it by keeping the sharp objects away. 

Peel off the plastic cover
You might think that keeping the plastic cover on the screen and any stickers will protect your TV. The truth is they don't, your TV needs to dissipate heat while watching, and the plastic covers may be a hindrance.

TV ventilation
When your TV is on, it generates a lot of heat because of the amount of electricity used. The best place to use your TV would be in an open area with good ventilation to help in cooling itself. To add on top of that, the internal circuit will be able to cool itself even when you are watching.

TV Repair 101: Which Factors Affect TV Repair's Longevity

Choose good quality cables.
A smart TV is connected to several devices like a game console, multi-channel audio system, media player, etc. Make sure that any cable used on your TV set is good quality. You will know that a cable is of high quality by:

  • Checking that the cable is smooth and bends easily should not be stiff.
  • Having robust connectors made of metal.
  • Rather than HDMI, buy cables with at least HDMI 1.2, HDMI 2.1, eARC, and HDCP 2.2.
  • Clear markings on the cable of certification
  • Buying cables from renowned outlets.

Protect your remote controller
It's a good idea to cover your remote controller with a cover, especially if you have kids or consider yourself clumsy. Doing this will ensure that it's well protected even if the remote falls. You can also consider buying an extra remote for your TV; who knows when you might misplace yours or worse, it breaks down.


Before calling your repairman, make sure you have considered the above tips; they are for the benefit of your TV set. In addition, you get to learn how to maintain your TV for a longer lifespan. At Geek computer, we have the best TV repair experts and professionals who are well versed in the services and maintenance of the TV. Let us assist you in the comfort of your home. 

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