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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

TV Repair: What Everyone Must Know About TV Repair

TV repairs are common issues in many homes; we deal with them daily. Nothing should stop you from enjoying an excellent family time watching evening movies; in this article, you will be enlightened with several tips on handling minor TV Repairs.

There are several tips everyone needs to know about TV Repair, on both flat screen and CRT TVs, such as; 

  • When your TV shows no picture on the screen, check the connections to the power source and the TV settings.
  • When you are experiencing poor quality pictures on your TV, a faulty fuse or convergent circuit could be behind it.
  • When your TV has no sound or poor quality, it could be caused by faulty speakers or an issue with the amplifier.
  • When the TV set is on, but there is no sound; check your TV sound setting. 
  • If your TV shows color patches, check whether the screen is damaged.

We have highlighted more tips in this article to help you handle all your TV repairs. 

As you learn how to handle your TV repairs, you need to know how to determine if your TV needs a repair or a replacement. Everything is well highlighted in this article. 

TV Repair: What Everyone Must Know About TV Repair

Your TV set is not performing like it used to? And you are so worried that maybe someday it may blackout completely? Put your frustrations aside and learn with Geek Computer how to do the repairs yourself and gain some skills. That sounds awesome. Let's have a look at things you should know about TV repair.

TV Repair: What Everyone Must Know About TV Repair

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TVs
Be careful with CRT TVs; Geek Computer does not recommend dismantling CRT TVs or attempting internal repairs. These TVs have capacitors that retain an electrical charge even when unplugged; we don't want you to experience electrical shocks. If your TV needs internal repairs, call in the repairman, Geek Computer does a beautiful job in TV repair. 

Here are TV repair tips you should know about for CRT TV. Some are do-it-yourself; others need an expert's attention. 

CRT TV issues CRT TV repair measures
No picture on the screen When you turn on your set and no picture appears, first check whether the connections to the power source are secure and working; if yes, check the settings. If they are all in order, try to change the fuse in the plug.
A horizontal or vertical line on the screen They can be caused by a loose connection, a failed capacitor, or a burned-out coil. An expert can only do the replacement. 
Poor quality picture appearing to be bent The internal convergent circuits could be faulty due to bad connections, faulty fuses or resistors. An expert can only fix this problem.
No sound at all or poor quality sound It could be caused by faulty speakers, amplifier issues due to low supply voltage, or faulty wiring. An expert will be able to fix this issue.
Shadows at the edge of the screen If this happens, there's likely a magnetic field near your TV set, failure in the TV's thermistor, or the cathode ray tube needs degaussing. If the magnetic issue is not the cause, you will need a technician's help.
The smell of burning and a crackling sound It is caused by the failure of the cathode ray tube. If you experience this, switch off your TV immediately and get an expert's help. 

Flat screens TVs
We don't recommend you attempt any internal repairs on flat-screen TVs like in CRT TVs; an expert should do them. Flat-screen TVs have different types of screens, LCD (liquid crystal display), PDP (plasma display panel), and LED (light-emitting diode). Here are tips you should know about flat screens TV repairs. 

Flat-screen TV issues Flat-screen TV repair measures
TV turning on and off intermittently This could happen because of unwanted signals being received; try covering the sensor at the front of the TV to see if it happens; if it happens, find the obstacle and move it away. Unplug the TV and plug it back to see if the problem is still there. Remote batteries can also cause this, changing them more often.
TV set on but no sound The first action to check is to check the TV settings menu; someone could have accidentally changed the sound settings. If the settings are okay, you may need to call an expert. 
Having sound but no picture You can fix this by attempting to increase the brightness and contrast. Also, check if the wires are plugged in properly in the sockets. Call for help if the fixes don't work. 
Color patches on the screen Magnets can cause it if near your TV; check that there are no magnetic devices near the TV set. You can also try slapping the patch slightly with your hand; if you notice any rings of colors appear with waves, most likely the screen is damaged.
Interruption of images by poor reception Poor reception can cause interruption with TV images and ghosting; ensuring you have a high-quality lifted aerial will help get an improved reception. 
Discolored images or images not moving. Discolored images can be solved by checking the picture settings and ensuring the brightness, contrast, and color saturation are okay. Also, check the TV wires to make sure they are not loose.
Black bars on the screen Compatibility issues can cause this, i.e., whatever you are watching is made to be monitored on a different display. The only way out of this is to use a compatible device. 


Is it better to repair or replace a TV?

The decision of repairing or getting a new TV set can be mind-boggling. With so many options available in the market that you are unsure of, this decision can be tiring and challenging. Geek Computers understand the torture you are going through; that's why we are highlighting reasons to help you decide if you need a new TV set or a repair will do just fine.

TV Repair: What Everyone Must Know About TV Repair

There were days when the only solution to a broken TV would be to have it repaired. TVs were so expensive that buying a new one would not be an option. But times have changed; TVs now come with warrants for a quick replacement of a defective one and can also be bought cheaply. 

Weighing options on whether to repair your TV or get a new one, you may have to consider several factors like the kind of repair your TV needs, how much the repair will cost, how old the TV is, etc. You might also need to check how much a new TV costs and compare it with the repair charges, and you will have an answer as to whether you need to repair or get yourself a new TV set. 

The most expensive TV repair is a cracked screen, which may cost the same price as a new TV. The rest are affordable, but you might have repaired your TV several times, so keeping on with the repairs is no longer an option. With the prices dropping and new TV coming in with new features, which option would you instead go for?


Everyone should know TV repair tips; they are beneficial and straightforward. They are do-it-yourself tips, not all, though, be careful of the tips stated for experts' involvement; you need help with them. If you attempt to do them yourself, you might damage your TV permanently. Another thing, before going for a repair, find out whether your TV needs a repair or you need to get a new one. Geek computer are experts at TV Repair services; contact us to help you out on all your TV issues and offer advice on whether to get a new one or a repair will do. 

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