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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What Android Repair Experts/Technician Want You to Know

When it comes to android repair, with many guides on social media, many people think it's a do-it-yourself task, forgetting they need expert services and advice. It would be great to learn more about android repair from an expert's perspective. This article is well researched and will be an ultimate guide. 

There are a couple of tips that an android repair expert wants you to know; do not attempt internal repairs, create a complete data backup, remove your sim card and external storage and unlock your smartphone. It would be best if you also wrote down your IMEI, performed a factory reset, drew your google account from the phone, and looked for a reputable technician. 

This article has a lot for you to learn, from what android repair experts want you to know about the android repair to significant reasons why you should hire an android expert. I will encourage you to keep on reading.

What Android Repair Experts/Technician Want You to Know

Android phones have become part of our daily lives. We use them almost in all our daily activities. For example, to shop, take fantastic pictures, and create memories. Also, for entertainment, reach out to our relatives, keep the communication going, and so much more.  What Android Repair Experts/Technician Want You to Know

Our phones are full of essential data. We would not like to lose them by any chance, maybe by damage or theft. That's why it's necessary to protect them by all means. You can trust us at Geek computer for all your android repairs.

Here is what we want you to know about android repair;

1. Create a full backup

Creating a full backup would be a great idea. We advise so because we wouldn't want you to find any data in your phone missing after the repair. It would be best if you; always back up your data, sync your contacts to Google contacts, and sync your photos with Google Photos. Additionally, upload any data you can to Google drive or back up to an external storage or hard drive. 

2. Remove your sim card.

Removing your sim card would be beneficial. It will be worse if your sim card lands in the wrong hands. They can misuse it and cause damage to you. It might also result in worse scenarios like hacking your accounts or tracking your daily activities.

Make sure you remove it before handing your phone to any repair expert. You can also put the sim card on another phone to avoid missing calls or messages and stay updated.

3. Remove your external card.

Most smartphones support micro SD cards; if you've got one in your phone, remove it along with your sim card. A micro SD card has most of your media files stored in it. You will automatically lose your data if it gets damaged. It can also land in the wrong hands or get lost. We advise you to keep it safe and away while taking your phone for repair.

4. Remove your passwords

We lock our smartphones for security reasons. We use either; patterns, pins, passwords, fingerprints, or face recognition. It would be best to remove them before taking your phone to an expert so that they may be able to test it once done with the repair.

5. Record your IMEI

You may wonder how important an IMEI is; it's essential for your phone's security. At the repair shops, most people take their devices there; you might have the same phone as someone else and end up getting a switch. With an IMEI written down, you'll be able to tell which one is your phone and which one isn't.

NOTE: Every phone has an IMEI; write it down before taking it to a repair shop.

6. Perform a factory reset

Don't forget to perform a factory reset to protect your data from being stolen. Make sure you back up your data before factory resetting. Also, remove all your accounts and disable the factory reset protection; you can only disable it after removing the Google accounts from the device. 

The following two tips are essential: you should never forget them. 

7. Do not attempt internal repairs.

Android repair is easy and can be done quickly with the help of guides found online. You can attempt the do-it-yourself measures but not the internal maintenance.

You might ultimately damage your phone if you do. We advise you to take your phone to an expert if the issue is more complicated and have them handle it for its safety and that of your data.

8. Find a reputed technician.

After performing all the above measures, you should be ready to take your phone to a repair shop. You should ask yourself whether the technician you are taking your phone to is highly qualified. Trusting someone with your phone is not easy. You might lose your phone or worsen its condition.

It would help if you did your research on them. Meet the technician individually to analyze the situation and how they can fix it. Also, check the reviews on their page and know what people are saying about them.

You can check us out at Geek Computer. We are certified technicians. We will have your smartphone repaired at home or office as you watch.

Why should you hire an android repair expert

There are many reasons why you should hire an android repair expert. Not all do-it-yourself measures will work for your android phone.

You can't handle other complicated issues, like cracked screen, faulty camera, unresponsive touchscreen, battery issues, etc. Even if you look for solutions on YouTube, you can't handle them as long as you are not an expert.

Some of the reasons why you should hire an android expert are;

  • He's an expert-You will have peace of mind knowing your phone is in safe hands. An expert knows what to do and how best to do it. An expert also offers advice on measures to protect your phone from damage, like in cases of a cracked screen; you can get a screen protector so the phone won't easily break again.
  • To protect your data-You can opt to buy a new phone, but can you replace your data from the broken phone that needed a repair? An android repair expert will help you not to lose your data by repairing your phone and ensuring everything is intact. An expert will advise you on the best ways to store and back up your data to prevent data loss in the future.
  • Saves you money-Buying a new phone will make you spend a lot of money. Modern smartphones don't come cheaply, and maybe your phone's problem just needed a simple repair that wouldn't have cost much. Hiring an android repair expert also saves time and effort because you won't have to walk around looking for a new phone when an android repair expert could be nearby. Save up your money and take your phone to an android repair expert. 


An android repair expert is the only person you should trust with your phone. You should be at peace knowing your phone is in safe, capable, and knowledgeable hands. This article has taught you things you should be cautious of before taking your android phone to a repair expert and why you should hire an android repair expert.

At Geek computer, we have highly qualified and trained technicians who are experts at android repair services. Let us help you out with all your android repairs.


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