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What are the essential Android repair Smartphone Apps

Many people don't know the essential android repair apps to download on their android phones or their functions. If you are reading this article now, it means you are looking for answers, and I encourage you to keep on reading as this is one of our best-researched informative articles. 

There are a couple of android repair apps you can use to repair your android phone, such as; android repair, fixppo for android, reboot for android, doze, wifi fixer, greenify, all in one toolbox, GPS status, toolbox, and many more. 

As you learn more about the android repair apps, get to know more about how to check your phone for software issues. There's a lot to learn about in this article. 

What are the essential Android repair Smartphone Apps

Our mobile devices are essential to us; we get so attached to them that we get so frustrated when they stop functioning properly. You might experience issues like an unresponsive screen, connection problems, battery draining, etc. They shouldn't worry you, though, because there are several android repair apps you can use to save up the situation. Here are the essential android repair apps;

What are the essential Android repair Smartphone Apps

ReiBoot for android
It's an excellent android repair app that allows you to fix a couple of issues associated with android phones. It helps you get to the recovery mode of fixing the entire device OS. It also helps with the fast boot mode and saves your phone from several androids stuck, such as download mode, headphone mode, safe mode, recovery mode, etc.

Fixppo for android
It has a fantastic user interface and fixes problems such as phone crashing, unresponsive phone screen, update failures, phone stuck on the boot screen, and much more. It's very convenient for troubleshooting android issues.

It's an app that prevents apps on your device from using data when the screen is without necessarily having to switch off the data. Data is one of the significant drainers of battery; when it's on full-time, you will be required to charge your phone more often; therefore, this app comes in handy.

A significant problem that android users face is battery drain, which this app fixes. The app is available on the google play store; it lets you save the battery by having other apps on your phone into hiding mode. It stops them from functioning in the background hence saving the battery power. Amazingly, it also uses the force stop in-built feature to stop the apps from restarting again unless you choose to do it manually.

Kaspersky battery life
It monitors your apps and lets you know which ones consume the most energy so you can decide whether to uninstall or retain them. It also has a feature that tells you how much charge is left on your phone and how long it can last.

Android repair
If you are experiencing issues like phone overheating, battery issues, blue screen, black screen, auto restart, system crash, and bricked android, then you need an android repair app. It has a high success rate in fixing android problems. You should back up the backup of your data before using the app in case it decides to repair your phone.

Wifi fixer
If you are having issues connecting to wifi, then wifi fixer will be of great help. This background service app works around different topics about android wifi, for example, connected wifi but data not available, available wifi but not connecting to your phone, etc.; the app will detect the issue and try to find a solution to the problem.

GPS status and toolbar
After a flight, once you have landed, you will notice that once you switch on your phone, it's searching to find its location. At times the android location finders might miss your location, and GPS status and toolbox will significantly help. This app shows the signal strength of satellites, where the signal is, what the GPS sensor is doing and where it is. You can reset the app in the tools menu if you feel your phone is getting too confused and clear the cache, then rerun the phone to give you an exact location.

All in one toolbox
You will find that your phone has unnecessary junk files taking up significant space of your phone memory. All in one toolbox is a space cleaner utility that checks and removes any unnecessary files from your phone. It also helps in keeping your phone bug free. 

What are the essential Android repair Smartphone Apps

How do I check my Android phone for software problems?

You may be wondering what the issue could be with your android phone; it may be slow while using mobile data or WiFi, or maybe you could just want to make sure your device is exemplary, say you bought a second-hand phone. The good news is that there's an app to help you check the condition of your phone. Even if your phone is functioning well, you can always check. Some of the recommended apps you can use to check if your phone has any issues are:

Phone check and test
Phone Check and Test is among the best Android hardware check apps available. This app works like a CPU-Z desktop app, providing a complete overview of your phone's hardware specifications and adding a wide range of hardware checking options. It checks if there's a low memory and how to fix it, battery check, radio and WiFi check, location and GPS testing, etc. 

Dead pixels test and fix
It helps find dead pixels but doesn't fix them. It attempts to partially repair sub pixels, dark and bright dot defects, dead pixels, and phantom images. The process can take a minute to an hour; after the app runs, check if there's any progress; if there is no change, unfortunately for you, the app won't be much help.

Test your Android 
As the name implies, the test of your android app tests various components of your Android device. The app is divided into utilities and tools, device information, hardware, and sensor testing. 
It gives you some essential features and info you should check out on your phone and the condition of your phone's health. 

Repair system for Android
It has a CPU cooler, junk files cleaner, antivirus, phone booster, game booster, etc. Its main highlights are hardware check and repair systems. The repair system goes via the entire system to check the problems and repairs them, while the hardware checker checks the hardware of your device and shows which parts are working seamlessly and which ones need fixing.

Phone doctor plus
This app runs through your phone, checking a series of hardware checks to ensure your phone is functioning correctly. It's almost the same as a phone check, but a phone doctor is more advanced as it provides an overall experience. It has about 30 hardware tests. This app makes it easy for your phone and recognizes an issue before it turns your phone messy. 


Android repair smartphone apps should be installed on every phone. Don't just run to install them when you feel that there might be something wrong with your phone; let the apps take care of the issues that might damage your device and update you on the necessary precautions. Most apps are free to download and can be found on the play store. If you find a problem with your android phone and can't fix it yourself, Geek Computer will be your savior; we are the best in android repair.

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