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What are the major iPhone issues that need repair?

iPhone users always stand out from the rest due to their excellent performance. That does not mean that they don't face any issues. Luckily, all the issues have solutions, and some people can help you solve them

There are major iPhone issues that the users face that you must repair. Most of the issues are common, and there is no need to worry when you encounter them. Many iPhone repair service providers have the experience to sort all the issues.

In this article, I will look at the major iPhone issues faced by users. The issues can be hardware or software, and some can happen accidentally. When you face some of the issues, and you feel you have no idea, please consult the nearest repair shop. Read on.

What are the major iPhone issues that need repair?

What are the major iPhone issues that need repair?

iPhone users face many issues, which may range from hardware and software issues. Most of them will require you to visit the nearest repair shop.

Some of the common issues include:

Battery Issues. There are cases where some iPhones don't store power for the required time. For example, the battery fades fast after charging. When you face such issues, you must visit the repair shop to help you fix the issue. Many people experience the battery drain issue. Some of the battery problems come after performing an iOs update. Other issues that can cause battery drain include applications that consume a lot of power, i.e., YouTube, Facebook, Uber, e.t.c

iPhone Error 53. The error happens when you try using fingerprint scanners. When you restore your iPhone using iTunes, Apple fails to recognize your security tests throwing the error. You can fix it by visiting a repair booth.

Faulty Buttons. Many users report cases where their buttons arent working when pressed. It can be stressful and affects the overall functioning of the phone. We use buttons for most functions like turning on and off, taking snaps, e.t.c.

Bluetooth issues. People use Bluetooth to transfer files from their phones to other phones and computers. When the phone fails to pair, and you try changing the settings, it's not working. You can take it to repair to fix the issue.

iPhone Error 56. The error occurs when you restore the device using iTunes. Most of them can be either hardware or software issues. Some users try using other cables, restarting, using different ports, e.t.c. If they don't work and remove the error. You will have to visit a repair shop.

Face ID Failure. iPhone uses Face ID to enable you to access iTunes and AppStore without inputting your password. There are many reported cases where it fails, especially after performing an upgrade. If you restart the phone or change the settings and it's not working, you must take it to repair.

Network issues. There are instances where you face network issues like the Wi-Fi not connecting. Some may have issues with a cellular connection where the signal is weak, or there is no signal. You can visit the repair provider for more help.

iTunes Error 3194. It generally occurs when you update your iPhone to the newest version. The version you want to upgrade to has been rejected by Apple and is primarily the result of firmware problems. One can seek repair, and they will assist you in repairing your file system and getting rid of the mistake.

Overheating. People lament how uncomfortable it is to use their hot iPhones. Users need to understand what caused it and how to make it right. The majority of problems that result in overheating include using the iPhone while it is charging, running different programs in the background, etc. To address the problem, you must consult professionals.

Camera issues. When you take pictures, you notice they are of low quality, and the camera can have issues. An individual can see abnormal behavior under the pictures taken that have lines. It's a big issue and must visit the service centers.

What are the major iPhone issues that need repair?

Damaged Screen. If you have a cracked screen, you need to visit the repair. A cracked screen can result when the phone falls down or in other accidents. You can still use it, but it can inconvenience you a lot. You need to visit the repair service for replacement.

Black screen. Black screens on iPhones can have a variety of causes. Some of these include malware or viruses, when updating software, firmware problems, etc. when water splashes on the screen. If you attempted to fix it on your own but were unsuccessful, you should seek advice and get the proper fix.

White screen. If you have a white screen and have tried restarting or doing a factory reset but the issue persists, contact us. Someone must transport it for repair. mostly brought on by hardware and firmware problems.

Liquid or water spillage. Some people accidentally spill liquid or water on their iPhones.It can happen in the bath while eating and on the toilet. It can affect the phone's normal functioning, causing more problems for the user. It can make you lose your data, and sometimes the phone does not turn on.

iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. When you start your phone, it gets stuck on the Apple logo. Some of the common issues are hardware, jailbreak, failed ios update, failed backup retrieval, and missing files. You can perform simple fixes like restarting, hard resetting, and using recovery mode. If the issue persists, you can go for repair.

Apps freezing. When users launch applications, they just freeze. It usually arises with the app version or improper installation of the application. When app freezing happens, it affects the normal function of the phone. If the issue persists, you can go for repair.

How to Prevent iPhone Issues to Avoid Frequent Repairs

What are the major iPhone issues that need repair?

You can follow several ways to prevent you from facing many issues that force you to visit the repair providers. Some of the best practices include:

  • Avoid using your iPhone while charging.
  • Avoid using heated environments.
  • If you have several applications running in the background, you can disable them.
  • Perform software updates.
  • Use of a good phone skin.
  • Perform a battery check after a specific duration.
How to fix common iPhone issues before going for repair

There are several fixes you can try when encountering by any iPhone issues. Some of the fixes can work or fail. They include:

  • Restarting your iPhone.
  • Changing the ports when doing a device restoration using iTunes.
  • Downloading and using the latest version of iOS.
  • Performing a hard reset.
  • If an application freezes, restart the application.
  • Resetting all the network settings.
  • Perform a battery check and disable all the applications that use most of the battery. It helps in avoiding battery drains.
  • Performing a restore using a backup.

What are the major iPhone issues that need repair?


Finding an iPhone repair shop can be challenging, Apple has provided a list of iPhone repair providers, which makes it easy to get the service provider. If you face some of the issues discussed above, don't worry; they are common and they have solutions. 

Do you need iPhone repair services? We have a team of professionals who know how to fix all iPhone issues you might face without wasting time. Send us a message in the feedback form, and we will be glad to serve you.

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