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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

What Are The Numbing Facts About TV Repair

TV Repairs have become common, and so have TV issues; there are numbing TV repairs facts everyone should know about; some will shock you because you will find out that you knew nothing about TV repair. And because we want you to have all the necessary knowledge when it comes to TV Repairs, we have written down this article. 

There are some numbing facts about TV Repair that everyone should know; just like,

  • It is better to buy a new TV set than to repair a broken screen
  • There are genuine and fake repair parts
  • You cannot perform all TV repairs by yourself
  • All TV models can be repaired
  • There are phony TV Repair technicians
  • TV repairs last longer than you may think

If this sounds like information you'd love to know more about, keep reading. 

You may wonder if modern TVs can be repaired, what to do to ensure proper TV Repair services and how to find out if your TV needs a repair. These are common issues all addressed in this content for you to learn as much as possible about TV Repair. 

What Are The Numbing Facts About TV Repair

TV has come a long way, from analog to digital and now to smart TVs. The more terrific the features are, the more pricey the set gets. It's more of an expensive investment rather than just buying a TV set. So, it makes much more sense to dig deeper and find out as much as you can about TVs. You will find out some numbing facts that you didn't know about TV Repair; Geek computer is here to take you through these facts. Some of the numbing facts about TV Repairs are:

What Are The Numbing Facts About TV Repair

It's better to buy a new TV than repair a broken screen
The TV will be as good as dead with all your investment in purchasing your flat-screen set and the screen cracks. The cost of repairing a broken screen is the same or even much more than buying a new TV set. You are much better at buying a new one than calling your repairman.

There are genuine and fake repair parts.
Woe unto you if you land on an unprofessional TV maintenance specialist and he uses fake repair parts on your TV. Since you are not an expert, it may be impossible to distinguish between genuine and phony repair parts. That's why we advise you to only go for experts in TV repair like Geek Solutions; we not only offer you excellent repair services but also inform you on proper TV maintenance and educate you on genuine and fake TV repair parts.

You cannot perform all the TV repairs by yourself.
As long as you are not an expert, you cannot repair a TV, especially if the problem is with the internal fuses or connectors. You need an expert to help you out, there are some repairs you can do yourself, but they involve settings and aerial navigation. The internal ones leave them for technicians. We wouldn't want you to get electrocuted or damage your TV; ultimately, call us to help you out.

All TVs are repairable.
Whether your TV is a CRT, LED, LCD, or Plasma, no repair is impossible, including screen repair. The only warning here is you must involve a certified repair company to repair for you. If your TV needs any repair service, contact us.

TVs need to be kept in an open space.
Keeping your TV in an open space protects it from heating too much, leading to damages that may require TV repair services. 

There are fake TV repair technicians.
Do your due diligence on the repair company you intend to hire for TV repair services. Check on their past works, and if they are certified, talk to them and ask them questions; you can tell a lot from how someone answers your questions. 

TV repairs last long
You may think that if you repair a TV, it won't serve you long; the truth is they last long. Some TV repairs are so minor that you can do it on your own, and even those that you need to involve a technician last long. Before any conclusion on your TV repair, seek help to know the damage and how long it will last you if you repair it.

What Are The Numbing Facts About TV Repair

Can modern TVs be repaired?

It's possible to repair your TV. However, not all faults are repairable. If the damage is beyond repair, you'll have to get another set. Sometimes the spares are too expensive or hard to find. It is pretty easy to get your TV working perfectly with the right professional. Moreover, you'll save money since you won't have to buy a new piece. 

Start with diagnostics
It is crucial that you promptly identify errors that lead to the failure of your flatscreen before thinking of getting rid of it. This is, however, not a DIY case. A specialist will be of great help. Sometimes you can use different cables and other external devices to see whether you have a faulty problem that you can fix, but call a technician if they are not working. 

The Risk Involved?
Here, you'll have to pick the best of the best technician since a slight mistake can destroy the whole set. Imagine a scenario where you lose your expensive electronics after lousy advice to get a new set since yours cannot be fixed or worse, an improper repair hence more damage to the TV set. It is equally important to discuss the professional's credentials before starting the job. This way, you'll find someone who knows what they are doing. 

If you have a broken screen, you might have to get a new one because the repair cost of a broken screen is almost the same price as a new TV set. But still, it can be repaired; the choice is yours. 

Signs that your TV needs repair
Before you completely give up on your TV, consider some factors before disposing of them. These defects may prevent you from enjoying your favorite programs.

What Are The Numbing Facts About TV Repair

Dead pixels 
I bet dots on your screen will irritate and even distract you from getting a clear picture of what's happening. These may appear in different colors. However, learn the difference between a dead pixel and dirt. Clean up your screen before assuming you need a technician.

Color Distortion
This case sometimes is unnoticeable because it may occur gradually. When you notice bright colors in areas that should be completely white, the specific set has malfunctioned and needs attention. 

Bars and lines
If you notice bars and lines on your screen, it's due to a magnet near your TV, which interferes with the picture quality by demagnetizing the screen. These lines run horizontally, making this issue easy to spot, mainly if it occurs suddenly. 

Image Retention
Your set appears only to show a picture glued to the screen even after attempting to change the channel, which takes a few moments. You may be able to solve this by adjusting the brightness and contrast of your TV.

Fuzzy Screen
Blurry images may bring discomfort and stress while enjoying your movie. This is evident when the signal received is a digitized standard due to the similarity between the resolution and display. The more minor details are lost or can barely be seen due to poor picture quality.


The numbing TV facts are facts that everyone should know; it's good to be knowledgeable about TV Repair services and what goes on in your TV. It's also essential to understand how to handle modern TV repairs and how to deal with minor ones. Don't forget about those TV repairs that need an expert's attention. Geek computer is your expert in all TV Repair services, and we do it in the comfort of your home. Let us help you solve your issues. 

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