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What Is A Good Ping Speed? Is 10 MS ping good?

Ping is referred to as the primary result of a speed test. Unlike the download and upload speed, ping plays a crucial role in the overall experience of internet users. It finds out how quickly the data signals are traveling from your device to another server. Depending upon a lower or higher ping, your experience will vary.

Before diving into detail about what ping rates are considered good, it's important to know what exactly a ping is and how it is measured. Generally, the ping rate determines how fast and stable your connection is and what type of activities you can conduct online. Unlike the upload and download speeds that are measured in Mbps, the ping rate is measured in ms or milliseconds. It basically indicates the total amount of delay time on the internet. If the ping rate is higher, it means you will experience more delays in transferring data while a lower ping indicates a responsive connection. For example, a ping rate of 20ms is much better than a 100ms ping rate. 

Understanding and knowing the different types of ping rates is pretty crucial because it matters a lot to your overall internet experience. In this article, we will discuss everything related to the ping rate and what is considered a good ping rate. So, let's continue reading, 

What Is A Good Ping Speed? Is 10 MS ping good?

What Is A Good Ping Speed? Is 10 MS ping good?

Generally, a lower ping is especially needed when users are trying to play online competitive gaming. The FPS game or high-end games that require instant responsiveness should have a lower ping to function smoothly. If you have a higher ping more than 100ms or 200ms then the actions you will take in the games will be significantly delayed. Therefore, it's important to know what ping rates are considered good. 

Well, the ideal ping rate depends on the type of online activities you're doing. For example, for online gamers, a ping rate between 10 to 60ms is considered ideal. Anything above 60ms will cause delays and slow down the overall gaming console. Generally, a 10ms ping is incredible for gamers to experience smoother and quicker gameplay.

How Do You Measure Your Ping?

What Is A Good Ping Speed? Is 10 MS ping good?

Well, you might be wondering how you will check whether you have an exceptional ping rate or not. After all, if it determines your overall online experience, it must be checked properly. Isn't it? Generally, it's pretty easy to check the ping time and latency of your connection when you run a few speed tests. There are a variety of internet speed test tools available that can help you measure your ping with just a simple click. You don't need to bang your head to manually perform any speed test. 

In fact, these speed test results will disclose much more information than just a ping rate. However, you must perform multiple tests at different times of the day and on multiple devices to ensure the result is accurate. Because the internet speed test result can be influenced by a lot of other external factors. Therefore, you must take proper measures to ensure accuracy. Also, you can use multiple testing tools to check if there are any differences or not. 

What Exactly Is A Good Ping?

What Is A Good Ping Speed? Is 10 MS ping good?

Since ping rate impacts the overall responsiveness of the internet, it's important to know which rates are considered good. Because when you conduct a speed test, you must know whether you have an ideal ping rate or not. Sometimes, even if your connection has a pretty fast download speed, you will still notice delays while reaching out to a few web pages and requesting information. 

This happens because generally, the internet service providers offer higher download speeds and lower upload speeds. In case your upload speed is lower than 1Mbps, then you will notice lagging in high-end internet activities like gaming or streaming. Therefore, you must know the different categories of ping rates and what can be considered a good ping. That being said, a good ping is mostly needed for having a smooth gaming experience online. It doesn't matter much when you're conducting pretty basic online activities. 

Here are the categories of ping rates described below:

  • 10Ms to 60Ms: Generally, if you have a ping rate between 10ms to 60ms, then it's considered pretty good. You won't face any lagging while conducting high-end online activities even competitive gaming. Therefore, if you're a professional gamer, this must be the ideal ping rate you should aim for. 
  • 70Ms-100Ms: If your ping rate remains below 100Ms, it's still considered acceptable for conducting basic activities like browsing the web, scrolling social media, or other activities. 
  • More Than 150Ms: When your ping rate increases to more than 150Ms, you will slowly start to notice problems with online activities, especially with gaming. You won't be able to enjoy the smooth experience of gaming with a higher ping rate like this. 
  • More than 500Ms: Well, with a ping of more than 500Ms, delays will be significantly noticeable. You will experience extreme lagging and slowdown while playing games and doing other basic activities. In fact, in some cases, if you're playing competitive games, the server may cut you off due to being extremely sluggish. 

So, we have shown the categories of ping rate. Ideally, for gamers, a ping rate of 10Ms is considered professional. However, these rates may vary depending on a lot of factors. For example, the distance between your device and the server, the internet connection speed you have, the quality of the internet service provider you're using, and also the capability of your equipment like routers and other hardware. If anything goes wrong with any of these, your ping will significantly increase and start causing maximum delays. 

How To Lower Your Ping?

What Is A Good Ping Speed? Is 10 MS ping good?

In case the ping increases a lot and you start experiencing delays, then what can you do next? Well, there are a few ways you can utilize to lower your ping. Let's take a look at the following solutions below,

  1. Choose a server that's geographically closer to you. Don't opt for one that's located far away because data packets will take a significant time to travel a long distance.
  2. Try to reduce the number of devices connected to your network. Because each of these devices will take up the bandwidth and leave only a limited amount for you to conduct high-end activities.
  3. Use a wired connection for gaming instead of a wireless setup. Ethernet can provide a more stable speed and connection rather than your wireless devices.
  4. Choose a quality internet service provider that offers optimal speed. A low internet speed may increase the ping and cause maximum delays. 

These are a few basic steps you can take to lower your ping. Ideally, it should be fixed. If not then there might be some other major problems you're dealing with. So, carefully examine your devices to figure out the underlying cause. 


An optimum ping rate is required for conducting online activities smoothly without any interruption. Generally, if you have taken proper precautions and have a reliable service provider, the ping rate remains at an optimum level. However, since there are a lot of factors that can influence the ping speed, you must keep on checking it regularly to ensure you have a proper ping rate on your device.

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