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What Is about:blank, and How Do You Remove It?

What Is about:blank, and How Do You Remove It?. As one uses about:blank together with address bar web browser, you will get to view the empty page that has been built with the aid of a web browser. They entail part of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. 


More also, the about:blank term gives a definition of empty page found on browser tab. It is widely used as one utilizes the Safari, Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Their page comes with about:blank label in the page tab's title and address bar. Their spotting has an empty page spot and pops at all times through the link click. Thus, there will be a great need for one to open the window or the new tab. 


So, what is the actual meaning of about:blank? It refers to a malware or a poor internet connection or even a bad link. The other thing that many people ask themselves is on how best one can control it. The about:blank comes with many reasons which gets to appear in the screen. When you speak, there are blank pages with a little overall concern.

In this review, you will have an explanation of about:blank which implies why people get to acquire it through link opening or internet browsing process. 


Many people have opted the use of about:blank as it works as a home page. For this reason, the web browser is open at all times with the aid of a white screen. Whenever one opens the web browser with the aid of about:blank and you fail to like it, you will get the chance to stop all that is taking place.


Meaning of about:blank

The about:blank refers to an open page present in the web browser. It entails of a part which guides in the addressing the browser to ensure it gets to show the built-in and internal pages. For instance, as one uses chrome, they get the chance of typing the settings with the aid of the address bar. For this reason, you ought to open all the setting page and then download to help in the view of downloads chrome's file list.

About:blank implies to pages that are about:URL part and is a scheme which is used by the browsers in the different kinds of internal commands. Besides, there are many “about” commands that are utilizing different kinds of browsers for instance about:plugins, about:cache and about:about. 


Basically, the window or the about:blank tab never comes with a webpage which would be useful in the loading. You will find that these kind of windows work better rather than just being blank pages that have hidden functions utilized by browsers. Besides, the about:blank bottom like sounds similar to the blank page which is not URL. Another thing, they entail of commands present in the browser.

Uses of about:blank


Major Reason Why People Use about:blank

One may get to wonder why there is a wide usage of the blank page. Besides, many people love the idea involved in the launching of the browser in the blank page for many kind of reasons. They entail of:

• Prevention of browser from numerous windows or tabs opening from all kind of sessions.

• Ensures there is privacy on the launch

• Regulation of bandwidth through opening of browser and non-internet tab to help start all the sessions.

• Make homepage blank

• Regulation processes through older PC

• Prevention of distractions


Though the whole idea is never strange, their purpose is practical. The major reason for the consumer usage is about:blank. It helps in the construction of the web browser which guides in the overall opening of the blank page whose launching had taken place with window or even tab. Also, about:blank ensures the startup process is clean and fast in absence of any kind of distractions. This is because the current applications are designed to guide in the luring or ensuring that a person is always glued at all times. For this reason, there are many kinds of monetary benefits. You will discover the process through use of Firefox, Edge pages, Twitter and Facebook. 


Id:516 What Is about:blank, and How Do You Remove It and Main Reasons Why the Browser Uses about:blank Pages

The main reason why people are using browsers in linked to the browsers that utilizes blank page. Besides, they are a process data which is present behind the different scenes. There are many kind of browsers such as Firefox and Chrome as they help in taking over through opening of executable files. You will do all kind of tasks as they help in eating up of both resources and bandwidth.

Though it is challenging for one to stop the use of invisible madness, a person may consider controlling the different kind of elements for instance what gets to open after the overall launching process. 


Major Causes of about:blank Pages

The about:blank comes in many ways due to variety of reasons.

Usefulness of about:blank

Most people have resulted to the usage of about:blank which works as a home page. For this reason, you will have empty page at all times one gets to open the whole browser.

If you wish to achieve what you have planned, it is best for you to consider visiting the browser settings. The opening process takes place through the use of about:blank rather than through the use of a web page.

Is It Malware or Virus

You will find that about:blank is never malware or something which is dangerous. In case you have worries on the possibility of the presence of malware, it is best for one to consider performing scan with the aid of your choice of antimalware program. 


Many people love the use of Malwarebytes which is recommended as it gives computers the required scan. Besides, there is a free version which is ideal in performance of manual scans and as well helps in the removal of malware. Their premium version is pair and helps in the addition of scanning with an automatic background. With Malwarebytes, you will get the chance of supporting both Macs and Windows PCs. The major causes of blank pages are:

Get to click the download link which helps in opening of second tab or window. Besides, the browser is forcing a display which has a blank page and guides in the download initiation process.

We address is mistyped and this results to people having the wrong page. This way, it leads to the presence of malware and virus's security problems. When you acquire the about:blank page, you will find that the browser never gets to understand on what is best for one to display. 


Another thing, browser entails an idea basing on the processed information. There are discrepancies present in Java and HTML. There are also other kind of codes which help in forcing the whole browser in blank page opening process since it never gets to process on all things with ease.

There are any people who are thinking that about:blank entails of a computer virus which sneaks into the computer though it is not. The scenario of about:blank implies o the blank webpage whose display comes in the situation illustrating the different empty pages. Again, there is no time when the page is never serving the external source. For this reason, they are all harmful in the computer. With malware, you are likely to ensure the browser gets to open the whole blank page.

In case there is a time when malicious software infects devices, malware and viruses, it is best to consider using them with the aid of personal matters. This way, you will get the chance of performing all factory resets or scans immediately. When you are safe while in digital world, it implies you will be informed at all times. 


Getting Rid of about:blank

It is hard for any person to remove or even get rid of about:blank. They entail the web browser part and is situated around the hood area. There is no necessity for you to get to view it at any time if that is not your wish.

When you get to see about:blank at all times after opening the web browser, it is best seeing the new tab of the browser or any other part of the web page. For this reason, you ought to consider changing the home page of the web browser. 


With the aid of Google Chrome, head all to the menu, then to the settings. Besides, scroll down the startup section and as well get to select the new tab open page. Ensure you delete about:blank present on the web pages. This way, you will get the chance of opening on the startup and as well get to select the web page which is most favorite to you.

As you utilize internet explorer, it is best changing it with the aid of the options of the internet window. Again, you will find that Microsoft is recommending leaving behind o the IE. More also, there is also great need for use of applications in the old business and other kind of legacy software applications.

After you click on the menu which is gear-shaped and as well pick on the internet options, you will remove the about:blank. There is a top home page box found in the General panel. After you enter the address, the home page is well desired. 


How Best to Stop the Popups of About Blank

One stops the about:blank pages which depends on the first place display process. When you adjust the browser setting through opening pf the blank pages, it is best going back to browser settings and as well get to undo all the present changes. 


When you regularly get blank pages, you will require to stop the use of viruses and malware. This is because they are likely to corrupt the browsers and as well guide in the reinstallation and uninstallation of Safari, Firefox and Chrome. When you remove the malware from the personal computer, you will result with missing settings and files found in the browser and one's that never misses the browser. For this reason, they never get replaced or repaired at all times after removal of the malware.

After the two scenarios, you are likely to leave about:blank. There are many kinds of anti-malware and antivirus programs that are using blank ages which help in the prevention of all kinds of dangerous URLs. For this reason, they prevent tricking or code execution from occurring.


Fixing Home Page of about:blank

After changing the home page to acquire a blank one, it is best for one t go to the settings and as well consider to use the whole homepage to acquire what any person likes to have. After reinstalling or uninstalling of browser, you may as well consider typing of the URL on the section or box. 


In the case where there is a persist on the problem in the blank page, ensure you get to disable all the extensions that are present particularly near the browser and later one get to reopen it. In many cases, the add-ons are likely to bring about different problems and for this reason, disabling will help one to fix all the present problems.

Another thing, one may consider restoration of all kind of settings to acquire the system defaults. You will realize the move is an option which is extreme and in case there is nothing which seems to work out, just continue giving a try to whatever you wish to do.

In most of the parts, when you see the about:blank page that is in the browser, this will never be an indication of devices infections. Again, it implies that one has not set the browser or the content with display issues. In many cases, the problem occurs when a person is trying to access a given specific site or as one starts the computer. In this case, one is likely to sign on the most likely potential problem.


Frequently Asked Questions on about:blank

In many cases, the about:blank is never harmful to the devices and computers. They imply to the system which helps people to occasionally see all the pages. For this reason, there is no big deal on how the system gets to works. When you see the about blank pages often, you may most likely come across issues.

In the case where there is a compromising on the internet browser, you are most likely to see the page instead of home page. If you get to see it frequently without any kind of provocation, it is best for you to consider running a security scan as it gives an assurance of one's safety. 



Fixing of the browsers home page is a simple process. One may get to change the process through use of Google which implies the web page and the new source that a person may prefer at any time. As you use Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, get to set the whole home page through a different place home page route. Your questions on Id:516 What Is about:blank, and How Do You Remove It are now all answered.


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