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Friday, April 21, 2023

What Is Cloud Computing as a Form of Technology Today

In a nutshell, this article explains how Cloud Computing Is being used Today, as well as It's benefits.

As a whole, Cloud Computing Is the ability to access Information on the Internet with ease ,via the different applications enabled by the cloud based tools i.e the different social media platforms such as Facebook

I have shared an Insightful YouTube Video that can further and In simple terms explain the benefits of Cloud Computing in a layman's language

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What Is Cloud Computing as a Form of Technology Today?

What Is Cloud Computing as a Form of Technology Today

Cloud computing, is being able to access Information on the Internet with ease ,via the different applications enabled by the cloud based tools i.e the different social media platforms such as Facebook

How is cloud computing used in today's world?

In simple terms, Cloud Computing Is a service that Is used to store data. Rather than maintaining physical data servers, you can easily access Technology services from a Cloud provider.

Cloud Computing can be very diverse especially In Today's World due to the constant evolution. In a world where almost everything Is on the Internet from Shopping Websites and especially Social media platforms, the future for Cloud Computing is even brighter.

In Today's World, Cloud Computing Is used In a variety of ways such as:

Data Storage

Cloud Computing as a data storage service can be used differently depending on who Is doing what. Businesses Use Cloud Storage to share and store Important files. Cloud Storage can as well be used to store Photos on our Smartphones or Computers and that comes off very handy. One of the main reasons for data storage Is to enable easy retrieval as well as Saving on Space.

What Is Cloud Computing as a Form of Technology Today

Streaming Services

The World of Technology has advanced tremendously and that Is evident In how Music both Audio and Video can be accessed Online. Nowadays, from the comfort of our respective spaces, It's easy to search for music online without the hassle of Traditional Methods such as faulty cassettes and the likes of Dvds, all thanks to the Cloud.                                                                                                            


Never before has shopping being this Simplified. With Just a Click of a button, you're able to access Shopping Websites globally and make purchases easily. In case you decide to regularly shop there, your Information such as Passwords to Credit Cards, Is stored In Cloud. This in turn gives you the Liberty of not putting It down again whenever you return to shop, which can be tiresome.

Online Learning

Modern Technology has brought forth Modern styles of learning such as E-learning. Traditionally, students had to go to school to get educational and therefore It was very much physical. Today on the other hand, students can access learning material from the Internet all thanks to Cloud where all these material Is stored.                                    

Information such as online courses which ranges from free to paid versions have made It easier for students to study remotely.                                                                                                                                  In African Countries where remote learning wasn't as popular, now emulated It especially after COVID-19 when students were largely Inconvenienced.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

What Is Cloud Computing as a Form of Technology Today

Cloud Computing can be very beneficial and efficient for both Businesses and Personal use In that:

There are No Upfront Costs

You do not have to spend money In order to access the Cloud as you get to pay for only what you use. This Is perfect for Businesses as they have the choice to test them out, before finally committing to the costs.

It Allows for Massive Economies of scale

Cloud Providers such as Amazon, Microsoft e.t.c are able to purchase lots of servers at lower prices than usual. By purchasing from these providers, you in return get discounts, which means you're able to save on the costs.

It offers Increased Speed

From network configuration to Installing various applications which can be tedious, public Clouds such as Amazon have all that taken care of. What you pay Is what you get, and this saves on time and you only have to focus on running your Business.

Calls For Low Maintenance

You do not have to spend money hiring staff.

Normally, you would need to hire Security guards to protect the data center as well as onsite server maintenance team, so as to ensure there are no troubleshooting issues.With Public Cloud however, they handle all the necessities to keep your site up and running.

Gives the Ability to go live In minutes

The Public Cloud has simplified everything, Including the ability to have a website such as Wordpress Up and running within minutes. All you need Is to Input the Information needed, and everything else Is sorted automatically.                                                                                                                            

What are the uses of cloud technology?

What Is Cloud Computing as a Form of Technology Today

Cloud Technology offers flexibility and can be used In many different ways and for different reasons such as:

Business Continuity

Cloud Technology offers Businesses an opportunity to create a duplicate Model of their site. This means, Businesses are able to recover their data In Instances where It got lost or the unknown occurred, and therefore this can serve as their backup plan.

It Helps with Data Analytics

Being In an era where Influencing has been popularised, data analytics are very Important. Big Social media platforms such an Instagram, have a section for data analytics which helps Influencers while reaching out to Businesses for work opportunities. Data analytics In this case helps to showcase their reach to Brands.

Businesses on the other hand use data analytics to keep track of their growth as well as look for solutions to their problems. Cloud Computing therefore, makes It easy to collect data analytics.

Access to Communication Tools

The Internet has really Improved how we communicate with one another across the globe and all thanks to Social media. In order to send and receive messages, you need Cloud based communication tools such as Whatsapp, Instagram e.t.c.

All these messages are stored In the Cloud as opposed to them only being on your gadget. In turn, any time you may need to easily get a hold of them, they are readily available.

Effective Collaboration

Most Businesses use applications such as Teams or zoom for organisational meetings. These Cloud based applications helps to effectively bring employees and employer's together In real time.

Everyone Is Involved In the running of the organization despite being far and wide, can actively collaborate. Regular Software updates With the availability of automation services, Cloud helps users by regularly and automatically updating their sites. Updating the site regularly Is very helpful with Issues such as bugs, hence your site needs to be protected as It Is with every update.


Cloud computing has thoroughly eased access to information greatly.
Through different applications, people can now receive information globally at any given time, provided they have internet. Being a modern form of technology, it is continuously changing our lives.
From the uses to the benefits, there is more to gain and an opportunity for everyone to start an online business despite being shortchanged in terms of skills. Everyone especially people looking to start an online business have no excuse whatsoever as to why they haven't started yet. The only thing required from your end is  to market your business, and even that has been simplified with easy call to action.

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