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What is Internet Protocol Address For?

IP or or or whatever is an address that recognizes your unique device connected to a computer network. Basically, there are hundreds of devices connected to a computer network whether it's a local area network or a wide area network. Therefore, it's important to recognize your specific device.

An internet protocol address or IP gives you a series of numbers that help you identify your unique device. It also gives you access to your router's settings as well. By knowing this address, you can modify any settings of your router and make sure it works at the best of its efficiency. This is basically used for two reasons: network identification and location addressing. The numbers generally consist of 32 bits of binary form and it has eight positions. For example IP or or There can be nearly a 4.3billion possible values you can combine for getting an IP address. However, some of the addresses are restricted to specific users.

To know more about how different IP addresses function and what is IP and what it is used for, keep on reading the article. 

What is Internet Protocol Address For?

What is Internet Protocol Address For? is basically a default private IP address used by Linksys routers. Linksys is a division of Cisco, known for making a huge number of broadband routers that are used across the world. Since most of the major router manufacturers companies use different default IP addresses to configure their small business or home routers, is the default address of Linksys router. 

You can use this default IP to troubleshoot any network connectivity issues faced with Linksys routers and other networking products. These issues can include loss of connectivity, slow down of internet connection, etc. As the internet protocol address of is a private address, it's reserved for private use by ISG or the internet standards group. 

How Does Private Internet Protocol Address Work?

What is Internet Protocol Address For?

A private internet protocol address or IP address falls into those address ranges reserved only for private uses. Generally, these addresses are used on LAN or local area networks that may include business LANs or schools. Devices that use these private IP addresses like can't directly connect you to the internet. 

Similarly, the devices or computers located outside those LANs won't be able to connect to your device that's using the private IP address. However, it's important to note that these connections should go through a router or other devices to implement network address translation to add more layers of security to the LAN or local area network. 

The primary purpose of used by Linksys routers is to provide a specific address for end-users to connect to the router in order to perform network administration functions and other configurations. You can use the address to access the Linksys router setup page. Users basically access this page to change or set SSID, wireless security mode or change any network security key. 

What Are The Uses of Internet Protocol Address

There are a lot of uses for IP We will discuss everything in detail so continue reading the article for further information. 

To Access The Router Setup Page

You must log in to your Linksys router's setup page in order to make any changes to the settings. The steps to access the router setup of Linksys are pretty easy. To access the setup webpage of Linksys using IP, you have to turn on your router first. Now, once the router is turned on, connect your computer to the Linksys router. Consider using an Ethernet cable for this. Because Linksys routers don't support the connection via any other setup whether it is wireless or broadband. There are four ethernet ports on the back or rear of your router. You can use any of these ports to connect your ethernet cable.

Next, you have to open the search bar of your browser and type Then, hit the “enter” button. This will take you to the administrator page of your Linksys router where you have to type your username and password which are often written on the back of your physical router.

What is Internet Protocol Address For?

Generally, if you have not changed the default username and password, then most of the Linksys routers use “blank” for usernames and  “admin” for passwords.

Now that you're logged into the setup webpage of your router using your IP, you can change or modify any settings that you want. You can choose the “Wireless” menu option and set the “configuration view” to the “manual” option to check everything used by the broadband network. Once you're done modifying the settings, you can log out from the router setup page and continue with other activities.  

To Reset The Router

What is Internet Protocol Address For?

Well, sometimes resetting your router works like a wonder in case you're facing extreme slowdown with your network. A simple reset can fix all the internet bugs and make your router work efficiently. However, to reset your router, you just need an internet protocol address. In case, you're using a Linksys router, then you will need IP Let's take a look at the steps to reset your Linksys router using IP

  1. Press the reset button located on the back of your router. Then, continue pressing the button for 10 seconds if you're using the latest model of Linksys router, and 30 seconds if you're using the older versions. Then release the button.
  2. Now, establish the connection between your devices and the router using the ethernet port.
  3. In the next phase, launch your browser. If you're using Mac, consider using Mozilla rather than Opera because users previously faced issues with the Opera browser.
  4. Now type IP and press “enter”. The setup page of your router will be displayed where you have to input your username and password.
  5. Now set up the network name, passphrases, and encryption type after resetting the router. 

So, these are two ways how IP address is used. You can also reset the router using web configuration where you have to choose the “factory defaults” menu and select “restore factory defaults” to reset your router. You can also use the same IP address to take any network security measures for your business or home premises. All you have to do is t follow the steps to establish network security for your devices. There are other uses for this IP address. This is why knowing your IP is crucial. It will provide you with more access to modify your router's settings and utilize it at its best. If you're using Linksys router, then you can use the default address to access the settings. 


Knowing your router's IP address is pretty crucial. Since IP is a private address used by the Linksys router, you can use this default address to configure any settings to your Linksys router. The best way to check your IP is through the manual process that we mentioned in this article, but if you want, there are a few tools you can use to check the IP of a domain. We hope you've enjoyed reading this guide and that it gave you some insights into why the internet protocol address is used. 

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