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Monday, June 13, 2022

What is the best location for your home theater

I bet you have walked into some homes and noticed the location of the home theater. It could've been placed in a perfect location, but that's not the case in most instances, so where should a home theater be placed precisely? That gets us to this article; you are about to find the best location for your home theater. 

There are several factors to consider when deciding on a perfect location for your home theater, such as; the size and dimensions of the room, the floor, windows, and the ceiling. Keep on reading to find out more in detail. 

Get also to know whether there's a minimum room size for your home theater and what to consider when designing a room for your home theater. 

What is the best location for your home theater

When it comes to home theater design, it's just like real estate; location is all that matters. All other electronics can be placed anywhere but not in your home theater! Even when you have visitors around, the first thing they will notice when they walk into your home is the location of your home theater. You should choose your location wisely and avoid the upper levels of the double-story buildings as it's prone to noise pollution from the streets, disturbing your movie time. 

What is the best location for your home theater

Whether you have a small or a big home, there must be the best place to keep your home theater, from the type of flooring, the proper kind of visual interior styling, to the room dimensions. Let's not also forget that the place you settle for will have a significant impact on the sound, images, and also the home theater itself. It would help to consider the factors before settling for your home theater location.

There's no specific rule about how big a room should be; any size is workable. If a room is too big, you will be forced to strike a balance by getting a big display device to curb the voice and the size of the image. If it's small, the same applies. The size of the display device should match the size of the room, making it easy for you in terms of sitting arrangements. 

Room dimensions
The room dimensions are much more critical than the size of the room. Your room should not be a square shape; why? It may lead to distorted sound, and having your home theater in a square room looks funny. You must sit far from your screen and enjoy the view and clear sound. Additionally, you need to leave space for the other rows in your sitting organization so they can comfortably view the screen.

It would be wise to have a wall-to-wall carpet. It will prevent the sound from bouncing around the room, and it's also comfortable for you and your family: it gives the room a cozy feeling. If you are lucky enough to build your theater from scratch, then it would be advisable to create tiered flooring to ensure everyone in the room enjoys a good view of the screen.

In most cases, you'd want your home theater room to be dark, sometimes without any windows. The darker the room is, the better. Although at times, it proves to be challenging to find a room without windows. In such cases, we advise you to install blackout shades to reduce the room's light. 

A higher ceiling is recommended for those that intend to have a projector and a screen. If you mount the projector on a high ceiling, you'd have reduced the amount of noise in the room and kept it from interfering with your home theater design. If you are stressed about which rooms will work well with your home theater, don't hesitate to reach out to us; we will help you find the most suitable place and help you with the installation.

What is the best location for your home theater

What is the minimum room size for home theater?

Designing or redesigning your home theater space can be one of the most thrilling, exciting, and rewarding home improvement projects, you can ever undertake. The tricky part is how you measure the room's size, configure the room, and know the correct dimensions. 

There's truly no right or wrong size for a home theater room; you can work with any room size, but it should at least be 15feet wide and 20 feet long, with a high ceiling. However, for a small average family, a 10feet square would be ideal for use with a large TV. We don't advise you to go for a square room; a rectangular one that's longer than its width is the best in terms of viewing quality. There are several factors when looking at your home theater room size. Some are;

How big your family is
You should consider the number of people hosted in the room; the larger the number, the bigger the room you'll need. It should be big enough to accommodate them with a comfortable sitting position comfortably. 

The size of the home theater
Your display device will have a massive impact on the size of the room. If you have a large home theater, it goes without a question that you need a bigger room. You will need comfortable seating arrangements far from the screen. Chances are, the number of people you will host is significant; if they sit close to the screen, they may experience discomfort. 

What you need to include in the room
A home theater, of course, features the home theater equipment; you may also need to add some furniture, decors, bar, etc. In this case, you will need a large room to cater for all those and also make sure that there's enough space in between the furniture.

What is the best location for your home theater

The best shapes for a home theater room
If you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to reshape your room or build it from scratch, you have flexibility in the shape. You can easily modify the room shape, be it a square or rectangular, using drywall or any other construction material; the shape will significantly impact the acoustic. Below are the best choices for a home theater.

The golden trapagon

It's considered the best as it removes issues of parallel walls, reducing sound waves bouncing and leading to more precise sound. Generally, it has a golden ratio of 1:272:1 when designing the room.

The golden cuboid It's a good choice for a home theater room and is more manageable if you cannot change the room's shape. 
The normal trapagon It works on the same basis as the golden trapagon but without the golden ratio. It's a cuboid with slightly different front and rear walls. 



It's an awesome idea to design your home theater room; it's even greater when you have an expert help you design or redesign. This article will guide you into knowing the best place to place your home theater and the best size for your home theater room. If you find it's too much work for you, because the truth is it can be tiring, don't give up your dream of redesigning your home theater room because that's why Geek computer is here. We help in-theater services, including installation, so we've got you sorted. Call us for our services.

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