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What Terms Everyone in the Game Console Repair Industry Should Know?

The terms used in gaming consoles and their repair can be intimidating, but this guide explains them in simple terms. 

On average, there are hundreds of terms used in games and consoles. The common ones include baking, badge, a bonus stage, AAA, AL, alpha, API, beta, bug, balance, crafting, code, console, cross-platform, and code release. 

This article covers all the main terms used in gaming console repair services. They are simplified to a very comprehensive text for you to grasp easily. Read on to know what you have been missing. 

What Terms Everyone in the Game Console Repair Industry Should Know?

Video games have their own terms and phrases that you are familiar with if you are into the video game industry. If you are an outsider and just started gaming, there are a lot of jargon and terms you have no clue about, or probably you have never heard about them before, but you are curious to know. The following terms and their meaning will be helpful to you once you start participating in gaming.

What Terms Everyone in the Game Console Repair Industry Should Know?

The explanations are straight to the point and easy to understand, as follows. 

  1. AAA: These games are created and liberated by major publishers and are usually accompanied by intense marketing. Large studios make them under a huge budget.
  2. AL: It means Artificial Intelligence. It is used in gaming to initiate responsive and adaptive behavior in non-player characters. For it to function, it depends on the computer codes and not the inputs from humans. 
  3. Alpha: It is an incomplete version of a game that contains significant features. It is usually released during the development process to check the quality of the game and any available bugs.
  4. API: Application Programming Interface is software that allows a connection between two applications. It enables data transfer between two applications.
  5. Beta: It is an early release type of game version containing most features and assets. It has zero bugs. Therefore, it is given a limited release where the game developers and the public seek criticism from the players and report cases of bugs.
  6. Bug: It is an issue that interrupts a game making it unenjoyable, unplayable, and unstable.
  7. Balance: It ensures that the players game fairly by balancing between characters to ensure that no character dominates the other player or opponent.
    An example is ensuring that one weapon is not as powerful and more robust than the other.
  8. Badge: The purpose of a badge is to show an achievement that the player has accomplished an action within the game.
  9. Baking: It is preprocessing or preparing game assets and data, ensuring that they are loading and their performance in real-time. It ensures that they do not slow the gameplay. 
  10. Bonus stage: A level where the player gets a chance to get extra points.
  11. Console: It is a personal computer made specifically for gaming.
    You can either connect it to your television or an inbuilt screen. Examples include Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Xbox. It originated in the 80s, but there has been an improvement in technology where powerful console hardware was released.
  12. Cross-platform: This is a system that can be used or work on multiple platforms.
  13. Content rating: Content makes up your game, while content rating divides video games according to different factors such as violent and sexual content.
  14. Crafting: It is a game mechanic that allows you to come up with game items like weapons, armor, and other gaming items.
  15. Code: They are computer languages you use to create and define capability in software.
  16. Code release: This is a game version that is ready to be sent for certification by console manufacturers.
  17. Cooperative gameplay: The game version is played by many players as one team against the computer-controlled team.
  18. Clans: A clan is a group of players who team up and play together, especially in cases where a game is a team-based multiplayer version.
  19. Cheesing: This means you can apply a tactic to finish a challenge without being in trouble. An example is when you keep repeating a combo against your competitor so that you can defeat them. Or cheese something in your single-player game to find an easier way to maneuver to finish a challenge within a game.
  20. Debug: Looking and removing bugs in a video game. You can also term it (Bug-bashing).
  21. DPS( Damage per second): It is a measurement that allows a player to determine the offensive power, especially in cases where the player's attacks are carried out automatically.
  22. Dev: Short form of developer or development
  23. Game launcher: It's an application you use on your personal computer to launch more games instead of opening them directly.
  24. Game over: When the screen shows a game loss
    Or at the end of the game.
  25. Game designer: An individual that designs the structure of a game.
  26. Game developer: He/she changes a game design to a game you can play by coding and creating an in-engine asset. 
  27. Headshot: An attack to the head of the target leading to fatal damage.
  28. Handheld console: It is a portable gaming console that you can connect to your television or any other device.
  29. Point of no return: It is a section in a game where you as a player are not allowed to return to the initial points.
  30. Playtesting: First, play each game to see if there are any bugs, make sure that the game is flowing, and check if there is any room for improvement.

What Terms Everyone in the Game Console Repair Industry Should Know?

What Job Roles Can You Find in the Gaming Industry?

The video game industry is rapidly growing. Therefore you are assured that you can get yourself a job in the gaming industry. If you are interested in gaming, you can not only participate as a player but also as a career.

The table below contains some of the jobs explained.



Game Designer 

Game designers come up with plots, characters, and scenes to complete a video game. Together with other teams of designers and developers, they combine their efforts to ensure that a game comes to life. Creating the visual aspects of a video game comes as a priority to a Game Designer.

Game Developer

The game developers transform games into a playable reality from a concept. They do this by using different languages to develop codes behind video games. 

Game tester

Video games pass through them where they play the game paying attention to determine the bugs present in the game. Then later, report back to the designers and the development team.

They also ensure that the instructions given in the game are correct and make sense.

Game Animator,

They specialize in character and visual design. They use their art and knowledge of technology to bring characters to reality by coming up with visuals and making special effects. 

Professional Gamer

You can make a living by playing video games. To qualify, you need to be talented with enough practice. You also have to expand your options and work on your technical skills and playing skills. Professional gamers get money by participating in tournaments.

Audio Engineer

They come up with the sounds of a game which include sound effects, voiceovers, ambient noise, and background music.

Translators and interpreters

Gaming industries exist globally. Therefore games need to be translated for marketing purposes for international gamers.

Interpreters -change the dialogues to other languages

Translator-change the original instructions about the games from their initial language to other languages for easy understanding.

What Terms Everyone in the Game Console Repair Industry Should Know?


Gaming is such a broad field containing many terms. Therefore, it is hard to list all the terminologies at once because they have a long list of terms used in gaming change. After all, new game versions and upgrades are released.

With the few terms listed above, you will be in a position to grasp some of the gaming terms that are commonly used by gamers.

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