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Monday, June 27, 2022

What the Best Game Console Repair Pros Do (and You Should Too)

Are you looking for things that game console repair experts do and wish you could? Here is a full guide to help you get more skills in the console repair industry.

As a whole, game console repair pros do things like cleaning, maintenance, and game console repairs. These are the basic things that you can also do at your home if they are not too technical to handle. 

In this article, you will learn what game console repair experts do and what you should do, as well. 

What the Best Game Console Repair Pros Do (and You Should Too)

What the Best Game Console Repair Pros Do (and You Should Too)

For this case, Game Technicians and gaming console repair pros are responsible for cleaning, repairing video game machines, gaming consoles, and maintenance. They also inspect the electronics available in gaming arcades by testing the games' electronic and mechanical functions, ensuring no bugs. Game technicians also help you install your new game equipment and de-install and relocate your game devices.

They also troubleshoot gaming equipment to check the cause of any technical problem and offer solutions. That may include changing the failed equipment and cleaning and repairing the components with issues.

Game technicians increase games according to the games' goals to upgrade the game designs. Furthermore, game technicians also write, develop, and come up with game codes.

They also ensure that the arcade cabinets are repaired by checking on the hardware and software malfunction. Apart from repairing, they also source spare parts and replacement items.

What Skills Should a Game Technician Have?

Problem-solving aptitude

You should be able to overcome challenges and resolve technical errors. You need to have conscientiousness and patience for you to handle and approach problems and even debug codes. Having a different view on things and having different opinions will help you execute this skill.

Time management skills

To be successful in the industry today, video games are complex and require a lot of time to pull pieces together. To be successful in the industry today, you will need to train yourself to work under pressure, embrace teamwork, and ensure your services meet the deadline. 

Preventive maintenance

You should be able to conduct preventive maintenance to enhance the machines' performance smoothly. Stick to daily maintenance checkups, make constant in-game repairs, and exercise preventive measures.

Customer services

Customer service involves answering questions, providing solutions to problems, ensuring delivery of good services, and offering help where necessary. It strengthens the bond between customers. You should be able to provide excellent customer service and ensure the surroundings are neat and clean. Show the customers directions on how to use the computers, explain a few games and play them. Ensure your services are good in the service center and field.

Critical thinking

Decisions in the gaming industry have risks and consequences. Therefore, you need to be level-headed and a good decision-maker to figure out the root of a problem and offer insights on what to do and how to solve the issues at hand.

Video Games

Players play video games for entertainment where they interact with virtual space.

As a video game technician, you should be able to install, repair, and service video games, PCs, and other electrical types of equipment. Conduct proper maintenance on the video game machines, have interactions with the customers, and maintain the video game arcades. On top of that, know how to repair any recreational equipment, such as video games and bumpers. 


Ability to engage and maintain the performance of the equipment.

Perform any basic troubleshooting of the gaming systems and any devices

Troubleshooting wires to repair any minor malfunctions or any internal problems

Electronic equipment

Communication skills

Communication is key for everybody. To succeed as a game technician, you must express yourself well to your customer and your team members. That way, they will understand your ideas, visions, and projects.

Stay tuned to industry developments.

You should love games and even play them more often as a game technician. Despite not being a gamer, it will help you if you are updated on what is happening to gamers in general.

Training and teaching others

As you grow in your career, you may be asked to train those under you. It happens when you are assigned by the company you work for to train the new people in the industry after a while. Therefore, you should be able to explain things gently, rephrasing your points well for easier understanding.

Documenting and recording information

It does not matter what industry you are working for. You need to have basic knowledge of documenting and recording information. You should start it early; it will be easy to learn new troubleshooting methods.

How Do You Clean a Gaming Console?

What the Best Game Console Repair Pros Do (and You Should Too)

You should occasionally adapt to cleaning your gaming consoles to extend their lifespan and for effective functioning. To clean, you will need a few items as listed below:

  • Isopropyl alcohol as a disinfectant. The purpose of alcohol is because it quickly evaporates.
  • Cotton balls or swabs
  • Toothbrush 
  • Make sure they are made of rubber. You will use it to remove stubborn corrosion.

Below are ways to clean each part of a gaming console.

Console casing

In most cases, you wipe your consoles with a wet cloth to clean off the pile of dirt. If your console has trenches that trap dirt, you must open up the casing to separate it from the internal parts. If it is made of plastic, you can dip it in hot water and wash it with a toothbrush and detergent. After that, rinse it and ensure it is scorched.

However, the cases become weaker with time if you use old gaming consoles. So you have to be gentle when opening them because they could break, especially at the screw holes. Before cleaning your old gaming console cases, consider its benefits first.


Open the screws on the bottom of your controller and open it.

For the plastic pieces, place them in a bowl of hot soapy water and wait for a few minutes before cleaning them. For the parts with labels or any metallic attachment, avoid soaking them. Clean them separately with cotton swabs or alcohol or wipe them with a wet cloth.

The most delicate part is the button pads, which harbor the most dirt and sometimes interrupt the controller's performance. To clean it, use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and use it to wipe off the dirt until it appears dull.

As for the cord, clean it with a damp cloth. Cover the cord with the fabric and slowly pull it continuously between the materials, paying attention to the wire to avoid damaging it. Ensure you are keeping the wire straight.

Afterward, wait a few minutes to allow all the controller parts to dry before returning them.


To remove scratches, use a little toothpaste and your finger. Rub the paste from the center of the disc towards the edge. Then dry it out with a clean, dry cloth.

Expansion slots

Soak a thin cloth in alcohol, wrap it around the memory card, and slowly slide it inside and out of the slot to clean it.

What the Best Game Console Repair Pros Do (and You Should Too)


Game technicians have a wide variety of skills; some are the best in programming, and some could be the best in in-game designing. Besides other skills listed above, they should be good in maths and C++ programming for easy adaptations in upcoming projects and organization purposes.

We have game repair experts at your disposal. Feel free to contact us for game console repair services

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