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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Which SD Cards You Should Choose For Nintendo Switch?

A Nintendo Switch offers a modern gaming console where you can pop in a cartridge and start playing. You can also download games from eShop rather than carrying a lot of cartridges. That's the fun part of a Nintendo Switch. However, you will need an ideal SD card that facilitates the console to read games stored on a card. 

Generally, users like to download games on Nintendo Switch before starting to play. It's because it makes it easier for them to play video games while they're on the go. There's nothing to worry about carrying cartridges and other things. But, if you're planning to grab these games digitally, then investing in an ideal SD card should be your concern. As the Nintendo Switch only includes an inbuilt memory of 32GB, not an SD card. This might be confusing for a lot of people as there are MicroSDXC and MicroSDHC cards available on the internet. So, choosing an ideal one will be a challenging task itself while also having to keep the card speed in mind. 

Keep on reading this article to discover the recommended SD card for Nintendo Switch. We will discuss everything in detail like how you should choose the SD card and why you should prioritize the speed limit of your card. Let's get started, 

Which SD Cards You Should Choose For Nintendo Switch?

Which SD Cards You Should Choose For Nintendo Switch?

A reliable SD card is a prerequisite for your Nintendo Switch to perform flawlessly. Not everyone will need the same storage needs, but reliability, speed, and performance are the few things you should never neglect while buying it. After all, all your gameplay videos, screenshots, and crucial game data will be stored on your SD card. However, since every card has a different speed, it becomes a little difficult for you to choose an ideal one. 

But, the higher the speed is, the better it is for your Nintendo Switch. Generally, the optimal read speed remains between 60 MBs to 90 MBs. So, if you choose anything above that it really won't make a difference. Along with speed, there are a few other things that should be taken into consideration while buying an SD card for your Nintendo Switch.

Why Speed Is An Important Consideration For Nintendo Switch?

Which SD Cards You Should Choose For Nintendo Switch?

The speed classes of an SD card for Nintendo Switch are basically categorized into different grades like grades 2, 4, 6, or 10. It notes the minimum baseline speed of the card. When you take a card with grade 2, it means the baseline speed of this card would be 2MB/s while a grade 4 card provides a speed of 4MB/s. However, for maintaining the optimal functionality of the Nintendo Switch, it's recommended to opt for a card with grade 10 and over. 

Since the Nintendo Switch console will faster read the games that are stored on the card, the class 10graded card will help you evade any slowdowns. Not just a class 10 graded card will provide you with a 10MB/s speed for reading and writing the data but also this speed indicates the maximum rate of transfer and overall performance of your Nintendo Switch console. There are free SD card speed testing tools available where you can check the card's speed to make sure you buy an ideal one. 

If you're looking for a microSDXC card that has a UHC class grade, then the maximum reading speed for Nintendo Switch is probably 60 to 90 MBs. If you think you can make your console perform better by taking higher-graded cards, then you're wrong. It's because Nintendo themselves say that using ultra-high-speed two or three-graded cards won't really help you get a higher speed. Rather, you can use ultra high speed one or UHS-1 for optimized performance as it provides a transfer speed between 60 to 90MB/sec.

What Are The Other Criteria You Should Consider To?

Not only by considering the optimal speed, you should choose your SD card, but also you should look into other criteria before buying this for your Nintendo Switch. It's because these will make as much importance as the card speed. So, let's take a look at the other criteria that one must consider before buying an SD card for their Nintendo Switch console, 

    1. Storage 

Which SD Cards You Should Choose For Nintendo Switch?
One of the most important points to take note of is the storage space that you need on your SD card. It usually depends on how you would like to play your games. For example, do you want to buy the physical cartridges to store less data on your Nintendo Switch, or do you want to download it directly from the eShop? If you choose the latter, it definitely will need more space. 

The Switch offers an in-built speed of 32GB. But, the space fills up pretty quickly as the games are getting larger in size with each passing day. So, if you download three to four games, you will be out of space. In fact, the latest game in Nintendo Switch is about 33 GB, which is more than even what your switch can hold. 

Besides games, you will need to keep additional space for storing screenshots, videos, and future updates. So, a microSD card with a least 128 GB of storage should be ideal. But, if you think that you will need more space, then go for the larger size. 

    2. Brand Name

For some brand name of an SD card doesn't really matter while for others it's one of the crucial points to be noted. However, we recommend considering the brand name of the SD card that you would like to buy as it plays a vital role. You can sometimes choose lesser-known brands to save a few bucks, but you will be compromising on the quality in that case. 

Although an SD card is an external storage option, warranty considerations and vigorous testing still play a crucial role in the overall safety of your Nintendo Switch. If you don't want your card to cause any damage to your console, opt for a reputable and reliable brand. The most well-known brands are currently Samsung and Sandisk. Each of their cards goes through a rigorous testing process to check whether the card is temperature-proof, X-ray proof or shockproof. 

Another major brand that you can consider is Lexar. It receives the most favorable reviews from its customers. And, all these three companies provide a warranty of over 5 to 10 years depending upon the card. So, you can enjoy your games stress-free. 

    3. Utilities

Which SD Cards You Should Choose For Nintendo Switch?

Out of all the points we've mentioned, the most important thing that you should consider before purchasing an SD card for your Nintendo Switch is how you will utilize the console. For example, for some people, a storage space of 256 GB sounds like a lot whereas for others it may seem too small. 

Therefore, everything depends on your utilization of the gaming console. There's always room for expansion. In fact, earlier SD cards over 200GB used to come at a costly price whereas now even the 256GB files are reasonably priced. So, you must consider your own utilization before buying an SD card. 


Picking the best Nintendo Switch SD cards can be really confusing. Since there is no shortage of choices, it becomes easy to get overwhelmed. But, we hope this guide will help you buy the perfect SD card for your Nintendo Switch. Still, if you're looking for online outlets to finalize your card purchase, make sure you read the terms and conditions before buying it. Drop us your thoughts on the article if you've any!

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