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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Who are the Up-Coming Game Console Repair Bloggers You Need to Watch?

If you are in the gaming console repair industry or an enthusiast, you must look up to people ahead of you. Upcoming console repair bloggers can be a great resource. 

There are several upcoming game console repair bloggers you need to watch. For example, you need to follow Niche Gamer, Game Informer, Gnome Stew and The Sixth Axis. 

This article informs you who are the upcoming bloggers in the console repair niche. Learning their ways may be a stepping stone for your career or your repair service tips and information. 

Who are the Up-Coming Game Console Repair Bloggers You Need to Watch?

Who are the Up-Coming Game Console Repair Bloggers You Need to Watch?

If you are into gaming and technology and maybe looking forward to knowing more about gaming and types of gaming consoles and how to repair them, you should watch and read blogs about your interest. You will get a few tips, tricks, and reviews from the blogs. You might as well get inspired to open your blog in the future to spread and share the little knowledge you acquired from other bloggers.

Finding the top best bloggers can be challenging because anyone who feels like he is a gamer can just start a blog and term themself as a blogger. Below are just a few of the best bloggers you can watch.

Niche Gamer

This blog was started by Brandon Orsell, who was into gaming. He also studied game design and was an activist and Technology Guru. In his blogs, he talks about different types of games and technology. You can find anything concerning technology in his blogs. That includes the extraordinary games. He mainly covers Nintendo, Playstations, Xbox reviews, and new dates.

Game Informer

It is an online publication that talks about gaming. You can find information on games, gaming consoles, and the types. They include Playstations, GTA, and Xbox. It also features guidelines on games and reviews.

Gnome Stew

It consists of gaming devotees with a deep understanding of the gaming industry. This blog covers a broader range of issues from editorials, game making, reviews, and different types of games.

The Sixth Axis

They regularly post information about gaming. Expect always to find information about anything you need to know about gaming on their posts. They mainly cover Plsysations, Nintendos Xbox and PCs.

How Do You Become a Game Console Repair Blogger?

Who are the Up-Coming Game Console Repair Bloggers You Need to Watch?

Here are simple things you should know when starting and growing your blog.

Make a Plan

Starting up a blog needs a lot of effort. So before you start, devise a plan and set your goals. That will help you know what and why you are creating the blog and the directions you will need to follow to ensure it is successful. Ask yourself questions like;

Why Do You Want to Blog?

What are the reasons you create your blog, earn money, educate your audiences, or just for fun? Coming up with an apparent reason for creating the blog will allow you to make th right decisions concerning your blog.

What should you blog about?

Game console repair covers many activities, primarily related to repairing the gaming consoles, people who fix them, spare parts of gaming consoles, and many other things related to the consoles. Therefore, you should ensure that your content is flowing and catchy to attract your audiences.

Who are your audiences?

Find out who your audiences are. Not everybody is interested in gaming consoles or gaming in general. So, ensure that your blog meets the target market, especially the youth in gaming.

Choose your Niche

There are so many niches you can choose from in the gaming industry. Focus on one topic and put all your energy into it, especially if your blog is new. This way, you will avoid confusing your audiences and yourself. Once you have a huge following and a strong understanding of your fans, you can continually expand your blog.

Focusing on one niche brings a better connection with your audience, and it even becomes easier for you to research and give detailed information about the topic.

Select Your Blogging Platform

You must have a blogging platform to begin blogging. The options are comprehensive, either free or paid. In most cases, the upcoming bloggers usually go for the free blogging platforms, which unfortunately come with many limitations. Growing your blog through it would be a waste of time. Below are a few disadvantages of free blogging platforms.

Who are the Up-Coming Game Console Repair Bloggers You Need to Watch?

  • Limited customizations
  • Violation of terms can cost you your blog
  • Image is unprofessional
  • They can easily own your content.

To grow faster and for your content to be taken professionally, choose to use paid platforms.

Get a Domain Name

The domain name is your websites or blogs name. It' is the URL on the internet used by your fans to locate your blog.
Ensure that your domain's name matches your blog's to avoid confusion when being searched by your audience.

Design Your Blog

Ensuring that your blog is more eye-appealing and exciting is a crucial matter. Use features that can easily attract your audiences. Use good colors and better fonts, and its layout should be excellent. Making your blog stand out will help you grow your audience.

Start blogging

Once your blog is ready, it is time for you to be creative and post content after content in it. After deciding on your niche, you should be able to dig up information about it and write it in a way that would attract your target audience.

What are the Most Reliable Gaming Consoles?

Who are the Up-Coming Game Console Repair Bloggers You Need to Watch?

New consoles have been released with the new generations that contain the best graphics, intense and powerful specs, and many games to choose from and play. They include Nintendo with the switch, Xbox Series X, and Playstation.

Nintendo Switch

This is a mobile gaming console. You can choose to play your games wherever you go. It has made playing games very easy. You can play with your friends on a split-screen because it comes with disassembling controllers and split-screen options. It can also act as a tablet with its screen. Therefore, you can easily share a screen through its split-screen when playing multiplayer games.

Xbox Series X

It is the most powerful and entertaining gaming console discovered. You can play over 4k games with a higher frame rate of 120 frames per second on any supported screen. It is super fast because of the custom SSD, which allows you to load games and exchange games in seconds. It also has an 8-core CPU and a 12-teraflop GPU with fast memory and storage.

Sony Playstation 5

Like the Xbox Series X, it can allow 4K gameplays at 120 frames per second on supported screens. It also has a better speed, memory, and storage, enhancing a smooth gaming experience with seconds of loading times. Unlike other consoles, the PlayStation allows VR gaming.

The PS5 controllers also have fantastic features. It is a dual sense and has in-built microphones and audio jacks. The parts are soo exciting, and it delivers an immersive play experience to the gamers. The more exciting thing about the PS5 is that it has a lineup of games that you can easily download, including exclusive games such as Demons Souls and Spider-man.
Therefore PS5 gives you all the reasons to buy it.


Starting a game console repair blog is exciting and fun if you are in the gaming industry or passionate about games. You can share your experience with gaming consoles and related topics of your choice. 

For the gaming consoles, Nintendo appears to be the deal-breaker. Its flexibility speaks it all. You don't have to be stuck in one place to play games with your friends. Its features are impressive, its disassembling controllers and the Split-screen. However, if your interest is in graphics, the Xbox Series X is the choice.

Contact us at (785) 408-4717, and we will sort all your issues and enjoy gaming again. 

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