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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Why Does My Download Slow on PlayStation?

The release of PlayStation has entirely altered the online gaming experience. So, being a dedicated player, you wait so long for an epic game to be released and now all you need is to download it before you experience the thrill. But, all of a sudden, your download is stuck! What would you blame in that case? 

Generally, there could be a lot of reasons behind the slow download speed you're experiencing on PlayStation. The problem may not directly be related to your PlayStation, but rather to your internet connection. The most common reason behind it is a connection disruption. Maybe your internet provider isn't providing you with the optimal speed as promised. Then, PlayStation will struggle to download large-sized games on it. Or if you're using wireless devices and there are too many devices connected on the same router, then your PlayStation will have limited bandwidth to download something. This may slow down its speed. So, there are various reasons that may impact.

Keep on reading this article to discover the possible reasons behind a slow download speed on your PlayStation. We will also discuss the practical solution to evade those problems. 

Why Does My Download Slow on PlayStation?

Why Does My Download Slow on PlayStation?

Mostly, the slow download speed in your PlayStation is directly related to the internet. Whether your internet service provider isn't offering you optimal speed or your router is unable to provide a proper signal to the connected devices, everything will negatively impact the download process on PlayStation. However, sometimes the issue can be with your PlayStation itself. If there are bugs in the system, then it will cause lag. 

But, it's easy to detect whether the issue is with your PlayStation or with your internet connection. Because, when there's a problem with your PlayStation, it will cause lagging not only while downloading but also while performing any other activity. So, keep your PlayStation up to date to avoid these bugs harming your device. 

The other reasons behind a slow download on your PlayStation include:

Wi-Fi Connection 

Why Does My Download Slow on PlayStation?

In case, your Playstation isn't connected to the internet, then it will not function properly. Most of the activities on your PlayStation including downloading games depend on the internet. So, your Wi-Fi plays an essential role here. Sometimes, especially in a wireless connection, your router seems unable to send signals to the connected devices due to some blockages. 

So, if your router is placed far away from the PlayStation and there are metal objects interfering with the Wi-Fi, then the connection will drop and your PlayStation will struggle to download. Therefore, you must ensure there's a proper Wi-Fi connection present in the room to allow your PlayStation to function properly. A problematic router will hinder download speed not only in your PlayStation but also in all other connected devices. 

Too Many Devices Connected

The download speed on your PlayStation will very much depend on how many devices are connected to your router. Your Wi-Fi may not have a setting to warn you about the maximum number of devices it can be connected to. But, it will definitely slow down the speed as you share the bandwidth. Especially, if other devices are connected to your router while you're downloading large-sized files, then it will make the process slower. 

Therefore, it's important to ensure you have enough bandwidth for downloading games when you're using a wireless device. You can pause the internet on other devices for a while to ensure everything works smoothly. Or, you can consider switching to a high-end router with more capacity. 

Too Many Activities on PlayStation

Even when you have a fast internet connection, your download speed will slow down on PlayStation if you're conducting other activities on it. For example, if you're playing the game while downloading, then it will negatively affect your download speed. So, the amount of work your PlayStation is conducting will decide how much download speed, you will get. But, if you're using a stable connection, then PlayStation will do a fine job when downloading one thing at a time. 

Problem With Your ISP

There might be different internet service providers available in your locality. While some provide reliable connections, others will mess up with the speed. By misfortune, if you've selected the wrong internet service provider that doesn't offer you an optimal download speed, then your PlayStation will struggle to complete any basic function it does. 

In such circumstances, you can consider switching to a different ISP. But, remember, it's not necessary every time. Because sometimes the internet may slow down on specific devices while it works perfectly fine with other devices. So, you must conduct a speed test using tools like to decide anything further. 

How to Improve Your Download Speed on PlayStation?

Now, as you've learned that several ways can turn down your download speed, you might be wondering, how do you fix these issues, right? After all, you can't sit for hours just to download a single game. Well, the good news is that most of the fixes are quite simple and quick. 

So, let's take a look at the ways to improve your download speed on PlayStation, 

    1. Conduct A Speed Test

Well, the first thing you should know before fixing your PlayStation is whether the issue is related to your PlayStation or your internet connection. So, when you experience lags on your PlayStation, perform a speed test. For that, follow the steps below, 

  • Go to the “settings” page of the PlayStation.
  • Click on the “network” tab and now select “test internet connection”

Why Does My Download Slow on PlayStation?

If the speed test result shows that the upload and download speeds aren't even near what they should be, then you must consider fixing your network. 

    2. Restart Your Router

Restarting the router may seem like a simple step but it does wonder at some times. It's because your router may need to refresh to load all its settings. Rebooting the router can help fix minor issues. However, you must take note that if you have to reboot your router every day, then there is something seriously wrong with it. 

Why Does My Download Slow on PlayStation?

Restarting your router is an easy step. All you need to do is to unplug the power cord and plug it back in after waiting for a while. This can fix disrupted connections or lost connections. 

    3. Switch to a Wired Connection 

For gamers, a wired connection works best at providing optimal speed. Unless you have a really powerful wireless network system at your home, you will likely notice the connection disruption on your PlayStation as it requires high-speed internet every time you download. So, choose an ethernet cable instead if your router is close to the PlayStation, else choose network adapters. This will help you enjoy faster speeds while downloading. 

These are some of the fixes you should consider. In addition, you must always disconnect other unnecessary devices to avoid limiting your bandwidth, move your PlayStation close to the router to avoid network interruption, and pause other applications which may require an internet connection.


If you have a simple network issue, then these fixes will work for you and help you improve your internet download speed. But, if the problem continues, consider connecting to your Playstation's official site and contact their customer agent. It may need further inspection by professionals to fix the underlying causes. 

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