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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Why Does My Download Slow on Xbox & How Do You Fix It?

Are you waiting for hours just to finish a game download on your Xbox? Well, you're not the only one suffering from slow download speeds. There are thousands of people facing the same issue and there are countless reasons behind this. So, is there any way you can fix those issues and speed up your downloads?

Video games are progressively becoming larger in size as developers are providing more detailed visuals and graphics to give you a real-world feel. However, as it's undoubtedly great for gamers, it also increases the download time. Generally, the slow downloads on your Xbox are caused by a slow or unstable internet connection. If you're thinking that you are using a fast internet connection so it won't impact your Xbox game downloads, then my friend, you're wrong! Because sometimes, you can have 200Mbps of download speed and still your Xbox gets only 10Mbps of speed. So, it will take the entire day to download a large-sized game.

If you're facing similar issues with your Xbox console and it's taking a long time to download games despite having a reliable connection, then keep on reading this guide. We will discuss everything in detail to help you fix your Xbox slow download issues. 

Why Does My Download Slow on Xbox & How Do You Fix It?

Why Does My Download Slow on Xbox & How Do You Fix It?

The onset of poor download speeds is definitely the most frustrating experience for an exciting gamer. The good news is that there's nothing much to worry about when your Xbox is downloading games at a slow pace. Generally, issues like bugged downloads, slow internet connections, or large-sized game files are fixable. In rare cases, you can run into a firmware problem with your Xbox. But, if you're still wondering about what caused you a slow download speed, then here are the reasons discussed below,

Slow Internet Connection 

You must choose a reliable internet service provider that offers you a stable connection. Basically, the download speeds are supposed to be higher than the upload speeds. So, in an ideal scenario, you should never face slow download issues with your Xbox. But, in case you're facing it, then first, you must check your internet speed. Sometimes, ISP doesn't offer you the promised speed which causes you to delay in downloads. 

This is why it's important to check your internet connection as often as you can to see if your internet service provider is offering you consistent speed or not. There are several speed testing tools available on the internet that help you check your internet speed at no cost. If you have a download speed lower than at least 25Mbps, then it will affect your Xbox game download.

The game Size is Too Large


Why Does My Download Slow on Xbox & How Do You Fix It?

Long gone are the days when you used to download 10GB files on your Xbox. Now, most Xbox games are over 50 GB of files which can take forever to download, especially, if your internet speed is slow. Sometimes, even if you have a good internet speed of 25Mbps, it can still take longer to download large-sized games like 50GB than an average 10 GB game. 

Unfortunately, there's nothing much to do if your game size is larger. All you can do is pause other applications that may take up your bandwidth and allow all their potential strength to download the game. It will help you improve the speed a bit, but still, you have to wait a while before you enjoy the high-end graphics. 

Bugs In The Games

Sometimes, games do have some bugs even after being released to the public. A bug in a game can slow down the download speed. But, you can easily understand it as it will impact only a single game. To avoid such bugs and any other download problems, try to get the games from only reliable retailers.  

Xbox Throttling System

There's a throttle system in the Xbox series which can cause slow download speeds. This is a common type of glitch that almost every gamer experience at some point. Even with a high-speed connection, you may face slower downloads due to the program of the throttle system. Basically, it is programmed to slow down certain game downloads when you are using the Xbox console for gaming. 

However, you can notice that the speed is restored when you finish your gaming session. If it doesn't then it could be an error where Xbox can't restore its download settings. The good news is that you can easily solve this issue by restarting your console. But, remember to pause all your downloads for a while before you do this.

Firmware Issues

Why Does My Download Slow on Xbox & How Do You Fix It?

A firmware problem is a rare one. Sometimes, the firmware of your Xbox console may cause slow download speeds. As it's a system problem, it will affect all other Xbox functions. So, you can easily detect when your Xbox runs into a firmware issue. You will face lagging in most of its functions and slow download speed is one of them. 

There is nothing much you can do when there's a firmware problem. All you can do is wait until Xbox fixes itself in its next updates. But, always check for updates to avoid a firmware problem. 

What to Do to Restore Your Xbox Download Speed?

Why Does My Download Slow on Xbox & How Do You Fix It?

There are a few ways you can improve your Xbox download speed. But, regardless of these steps, you must always download from trusted sources and keep your Xbox firmware up to date to avoid any system issues. Now, let's discuss the ways to restore your Xbox download speed, 

    1. Get a Wired Connection 

Typically, when you have a wireless device at your home, then you share the bandwidth with everyone present at your house. Right? So, the Xbox console may compete with other devices connected to restore game downloads. Since it requires a high-speed internet connection and bandwidth, you can consider switching to a wired connection. 

Or, if your router supports dual-band like a 2.4-GHz connection, then consider switching to that. It may help you improve your download speed. But, if you're using dual-band and still facing issues, then choose a 5-GHz connection. The 5-GHz connection may have a shorter range than dual band connection but it will perform better. 

    2. Disconnect All Other Devices 

Having a lot of devices connected to the same internet connection may limit your bandwidth. While it's not bad to connect other devices to your network but you must avoid downloading games while others are sharing your bandwidth as it will slow down the speed. This issue can be more prominent if you're using wireless networks. So, try to disconnect all other devices while you're downloading a game on Xbox. It will give you the full strength of your bandwidth. 

    3. Restart Your Xbox

A simple fix like restarting the Xbox works like magic in some cases. If you are facing a lag in most of the Xbox functions including downloads, then try to restart the console. Don't turn on the sleep mode turn it on. Rather, shut it completely down and restart it to see the changes in your download speed. You will definitely be surprised to see how it works! 


Generally, Xbox downloads faster when you put it on sleep mode as there will be no background games or applications taking up its bandwidth. So, if you're consistently facing slow download speed, then you can try this option to speed up the download a bit. We hope this guide has helped you solve your Xbox issues. Don't forget to share your thoughts with us!

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