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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Why is NETFLIX Download Slow On iPhone & Android?

Netflix has been the most popular video streaming application all over the globe. Since its inception, it has grown massively and attracted millions of viewers. Not only it allows you to stream a video but also to download it. But what if the download seems extremely slow on your phone? isn't it? And is there any way you can fix it?

There are a few reasons why your Netflix download speed can be affected both on iPhone and android devices. In fact, these are responsible for slowing down your internet in general. For example, if too many applications hogging your bandwidth, then only a limited amount of it will remain for you to complete the download process. While you're downloading a web series or a movie, it will require optimal bandwidth to quickly process it after all the file sizes are too large. But, if you're sharing your bandwidth with other applications, then slowing down will be a common scenario. There are a few other reasons like virus infection, weak wi-fi signal, or an outdated router 

Read this article to discover how you can improve your download speed on Netflix, whether you can improve it or not. And, most importantly, learn to diagnose the reason behind this slowdown. 

Why is NETFLIX Download Slow On iPhone & Android?

Why is NETFLIX Download Slow On iPhone & Android?

The best part of Netflix is that it allows users a download option. They can download their favorite movie or web series to watch it later. Even if you lose your internet connection, you can still watch the movie if it's downloaded completely. It means you won't have to rely on your ISP to provide you with an optimal speed for streaming your videos. Rather, you can watch anytime from anywhere no matter how poor an internet connection you may have. 

However, a lot of people face issues while downloading files on Netflix, especially if they're using phones, be they iPhones or Android. Therefore, you must learn to diagnose the issues that may make your download speed slow. By diagnosing the underlying causes, you can try to improve the speed later on. Le's take a look at the causes behind this slowdown, 

Using Too Many Applications

Downloading anything on any device be it a movie on Netflix requires bandwidth. The more bandwidth you will offer, the better the download process will be. But, you have other applications installed on your phone that are using your internet bandwidth. So, then it will slow down the movie download process.

To fix this, you can simply close all the running applications which are using the internet. It will help you restore your connection. If it doesn't then it probably indicates there are other problems behind the issue. Continue reading this article to discover other main reasons.

Virus Infection 

Virus infection on your phone be it iPhone or Android can slow down your Netflix download speed. In fact, malware or viruses are infamous for slowing down the entire performance of your device. It happens because these viruses interact with the browser's performance and further monopolize the connection to breach your device. To fix this issue, you've to install antivirus software for your phone. Once installed, scan your device frequently to remove any malware which is causing damage to you.

A Weak Wi-Fi

In case, you're using a wireless connection, then slow down in your internet speed is pretty common. A poor signal of your router may be causing you the lag. Sometimes, this happens due to signal interruption. Especially if you've put some blockages like metal objects on top of your router. Or, if your router is too far away from where you're using your device.

This can be simply fixed by moving your router closer to the place from where you mostly browse the internet. Or, you can centrally place the router to equally and efficiently divide the signal between every user at your home. This will ensure that you have enough download speed for your Netflix. 

How to Improve Your Netflix Download Speed on iPhone & Android?

If Netflix is throwing out a “download failed” message or you're having a slowdown, there are a few basic ways to fix them. Generally, if your download is failed, Netflix will show you an error code. For example, 10016, means that you've already reached the download limit. So, you have to delete your previous downloads to continue enjoying the new movies. But, in case, your download is slow on both your iPhone or Android device, here are the few fixes available, 

    1. Turn On & Off Your Airplane Mode

Why is NETFLIX Download Slow On iPhone & Android?

Sometimes, the download can be slowed down simply due to some connectivity issues. In this case, you have to turn on & off your airplane mode to resolve such minor issues. You can open your control center as you swipe down from the top-right corner. And you will notice an “airplane mode” option. Turn that on for once, wait a few seconds and then turn that Off.

    2. Check The Server Status of Netflix

Even with major companies like Netflix, server issues are pretty common. If the traffic size increases, the server might get a bit slow on Netflix which may hinder your download process. So, whenever you're facing a Netflix download problem, make sure to check the status of their server. It will help you know whether the issue is with your phone, internet connection, or Netflix itself. If the server of Netflix is down, you can try alternative apps like FlixiCam to save your favorite movie. 

Why is NETFLIX Download Slow On iPhone & Android?

    3. Turn Off iCloud Private Relay

iCloud private relay is basically provided to apple users to improve their overall privacy. While it's helpful in some cases, it can severely slow down your download process due to its restrictions. So, if you're an iPhone user facing slow down with Netflix, try to disable iCloud private relay by following the process.

  • Go to “settings” and then click on “Apple Id”.
  • Next, visit “iCloud” and then the private relay.
  • Turn off the button next to the “private relay” option. 

    4. Turn Off The Low Data Mode

The low data mode or data saving mode option on your phone may help you save some bandwidth. But, it will prevent downloading large-sized files like a movie on Netflix. So, disable this option to see whether the connection is restored or not. You can consider the steps below to disable the data-saving mode.

  • First, open your “Settings” app.
  • Now visit “Wi-Fi” and then from the “info” section, deactivate the “low data mode”

    5. Reset Your Network Settings

Why is NETFLIX Download Slow On iPhone & Android?

If the issue continues with your Netflix, then we would suggest resetting your network settings on your iPhone. For that, consider following the steps mentioned below, 

  • Visit “general”.
  • Then select the “transfer and reset iPhone” option.
  • Now click on “reset”.
  • It will provide you with a “reset network settings” option. This may help you restore your connection. 


Slow download or a download failure isn't uncommon on Netflix. It can happen due to any reason that we have mentioned above. However, with these straightforward fixes, you can help to improve your download speed a bit and enjoy watching movies without having to wait for your poor connection to get fixed. 

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