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Friday, November 18, 2022

Will A Better Router Improve Your Ping? What Are Other Benefits?

You have waited so long for your favorite game to release online and now you've downloaded it to play and suddenly you notice aggressive lagging on your PC. Isn't that annoying? In most cases, lagging while playing games occur due to a higher ping. A lot of factors are responsible for increasing the ping including your router!

Ping is basically the time measured for sending and receiving data packets between the host and the server. A higher ping indicates that the server will take a long time too for sending out the data to your system and your system will also take time to receive them. For example, if you're playing a shooting game where you've to select a weapon, your system sends a request to the server, and once it's received by the server, the list of weapons is shown on your screen. The more it takes time, the higher the ping increases. However, a lot of factors play a critical role in increasing the ping and the primary reason is an outdated router. So, will a better router improve ping?

Kee on reading this article to find out if a better router will help you improve your ping and what else you can do to improve your overall browsing experience. Let's get started, 

Will A Better Router Improve Your Ping? What Are Other Benefits?

Will A Better Router Improve Your Ping? What Are Other Benefits?

An outdated router or low-end router is responsible for increasing the ping and causing delays while conducting high-end online activities. It's because the router should be capable enough to support the optimal speed provided by the internet service provider. If your router can't support the high-end speed, then it will impact your overall online experience. Therefore, investing in a better router is a wise option if you want to enjoy a smooth and lag-free experience.

If you're a gamer, there are gaming routers available that are designed to improve the overall online gaming performance and reduce latency. It will lower your ping by providing optimal bandwidth. Also, a better router is designed with high-end technology to support the high-speed internet provided by your ISP.

What Else Can A Better Router Provide?

If we talk about better routers for improving ping and latency, then there are only gaming routers that you can invest in. It's a more sophisticated version of a traditional router, designed to improve gaming performance and streamline user management. However, these routers will provide much more than just improving your ping. Let's take a look at the benefits that a better router will provide you, 

    1. Superior Responsiveness & Speed

Will A Better Router Improve Your Ping? What Are Other Benefits?

Well, an optimal speed is required for everyone. Especially when we're living in a modern era and conducting our work from home, superior internet speed is a must. Other than gaming routers, if you buy a performance-based high-end router, then it will be able to handle more data. It means even if you're playing games, it will offer you the best audio and visual accuracy. In fact, it will minimize all the disruptions even when multiple people are streaming at once. 

    2. Quality Of Service

Every router built with high-end technology offers quality service features. Basically, it helps users to manage their connection and check the efficiency of their hardware at reducing any disruptions. In addition, this feature also enables users to avoid any errors while performing high-end internet activity that may require a sufficient amount of bandwidth. 

The fundamental part of the quality of service is traffic prioritization. It means this feature allows you to modify the traffic priority based on different inputs like IP addresses, network selection, etc. Or you can also prioritize traffic based on their activities. For example, if you're streaming or gaming online, then you can choose the 5GHz band that offers higher speed. And, for people who're doing basic online activities like writing documents, and sending emails, they can connect to a 2.4GHz band. This will help to distribute the traffic and eventually improve the overall online experience. 

    3. Get Better Audio & Visuals

Well, it's pretty certain that gamers have a high priority of improving their ping. This is because a higher ping can cut them off from a competitive gaming server. Therefore, if you're a gamer you will always be looking for a better router if you're constantly facing higher ping. However, with a better gaming router, you can get superior fidelity. You will notice less lost content and fewer lines missed even when there's a high amount of traffic piles up. You will never have to deal with freeze frames with such high-end routers. 

The best part of these routers is that they provide a more holistic approach to managing the traffic to guarantee performance accuracy. So, you will not have to suffer any loss of audio and visuals while dealing with your expensive hobby, gaming. 

    4. Better Hardware Performance

Will A Better Router Improve Your Ping? What Are Other Benefits?

It's no doubt that when you're investing in a high-end gaming router or any quality router with the greatest and latest technology, then it will be worth your money. A better router will have a superior design quality and construction that includes better processors, in-built memory, and whatnot. This means you will receive a responsive operation and better performance. 

But, you may wonder why does a high-end router have so many features? Well, it's to increase the efficiency and range of the routers. In fact, some of these routers support Tri-band which facilitates simultaneous transmission across three different channels. 

    5. Better Security Features

When you're paying for such high-end routers, then it'll not be worthwhile if you still have to worry about security issues, isn't it? So, the gaming routers take care of it all. Along with the better protocols, it has in-built anti-virus software to offer stronger protection against any intrusion or malware. In most cases, the anti-virus coverage is for multiple years only which you can renew or modify later. But, some of these routers have anti-virus coverage with lifetime validity. 

    6. Multi-user Support 

Will A Better Router Improve Your Ping? What Are Other Benefits?

It's often a common issue faced by a lot many users that whenever they connect multiple devices to their routers, the speed gets decreased, resulting in higher ping. However, the latest routers have multi-user support technology that helps you enjoy a smooth online experience regardless of the number of devices it's connected to. You can connect your smartphones, accessories, or any other devices without stressing about severely reduced speed. 

These are the benefits of choosing a better router. Not only does it help you improve the ping by providing you with optimal bandwidth, but also it provides additional advantages as well. Therefore, you must look into the best routers available in the market to help you improve your overall online experience. Also, it's important to check your router's speed as often as you can to ensure it's performing optimally. There are various speed testing tools available that can be used for this. 


A better router doesn't only improve ping but it provides a myriad range of other benefits. Therefore, it's worth investing your hard-earned money in it. You will not only get better performance but also be able to enjoy a smoother and lag-free experience while conducting any online activities. However, there are other issues that may increase the ping. in case your new router with the latest technology isn't improving your ping, then you should look into the other areas that are causing the higher ping issues. 

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